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DVD title: Billy Jack
Productgroup: DVD
Billy Jack - movie DVD cover picture
Billy Jack

Billy Jack rocks. Here's a several truths: 1)Humanity will not all be in a state of Grace at the same time, 2)There are slimeballs all over the world who abuse innocent people, 3)Slimeballs do not connect with reasonable conversation, and 4) Slimeballs will always modify their behavior when they are consistently getting their butts handed to them. Laughlin's Billy Jack understands that there are some you reason with and some you don't and a lot of handwringing is not necessary. This has always been and always will be. Laughlin understands this aspect of human behavior which some academes do not. Humans are basic organisms, we have evolved brainpower beyond our moral capacity to handle the responsibility that comes with our abilities. There are who are enlighted and try to do their best and then there are the others who deserve the full wrath and woeful scourgings that should be but rarely are administered. Too many individual rights, but no sense of community and consideration for others. Billy Jack has the universal specific. Until mankind evolves, like the basic animal, we will always respond to pain and the anticipation of more pain and modify our behavior accordingly. Laugh if you must, but McLaughlin knows what motivates us all. And how to make people do what they know is right, but are too weak to do it alone. Most criminals know how to dominate and manipulate, if you think that can be countered by flower power, have a nice day. If you missed the point in this movie, see it again.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Tom Laughlin
Tom Laughlin

DVD title: Jesus of Montreal (French language only) (Import)
Productgroup: DVD
Jesus of Montreal (French language only) (Import) - movie DVD cover picture
Brilliant!!! Fantastic!!!!! Wonderful!!!! Timeless!!!

This movie is a true masterpiece! It portrays the story of an artsy theatre group in their contraversal production based on the life of Jesus Christ. The characters are realistic and full of life. The cinematography is excellent and the story manages to send a timeless message into our modern life. I've watched it a dozen times and I never get tired of it! Every time I experience something new! This is a must see for any movie fan! It is a great tribute to the people of the fantastic City of Montreal and their culture!!!! It's message is beautiful and easy to understand - no matter what language you speak!

Studio: Msi Music Corp
Director: Denys Arcand
Lothaire Bluteau

DVD title: Troma's War
Productgroup: DVD
Troma's War - movie DVD cover picture
the best war movie ever

troma's war was a [kicking] had the usual humor that you would expect from a troma movie,but it also had some serious parts and good war/shooting scenes.this is probably one of my favorite troma movies and i dont really like war movies,but this one was an exception.This movie has a lot of extra features like every troma dvd so overall it is a very solid disc.Don't bother renting it,just go out and buy the best ... war movie everRated R for strong violence/gore,language,and nudity

Studio: Troma
Carolyn Beauchamp
Sean Bowen

DVD title: New Found Glory - The Story So Far
Productgroup: DVD
New Found Glory - The Story So Far - movie DVD cover picture
sweeeet dvd

finally the hardest working band in america releases a dvd!!! haha maybe not the hardest working but sure fun to watch. this dvd is gonna rule especially with all their video's including "dressed to kill" with rachel lei cook(hottie). everybody should go out and get this dvd cause its looking out to be a good one

Studio: Universal Music & VI
New Found Glory

DVD title: The Guyver 2
Productgroup: DVD
The Guyver 2 - movie DVD cover picture
bye far the best movie i have ever seen.

Guyver 2 has good grafics and great actors. I liked how the guyver unit is activated. I also liked the story line and bad guys.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Steve Wang

DVD title: Titanic
Productgroup: DVD
Titanic - movie DVD cover picture
masterpiece with hyper-fabricated scenes and performances.

I have seen this movie 8 times so far:3 times in the theatre,and 5 at home on the video.Having the arousal of whole events based on a drawing of a "naked" lady who has been shown in the early course of events as 'POLITE' , 'SHY' ,and 'CONSENT' is for out-fooling the teen-agers.I feel so sorry that the farest and the best of the thoughts of the producers and directors was to turn out the seemingly "decent" into a whocker's attitude as she poses for a masterpiece memorial.Unfortunately,the thought was all directed towards the teenage-way of thinking rather than creating a moralistic motive for the events of film that wanted to speak of a 'heart that will go on. Moreover,as I was wondering why JACK could not ride up on back on the piece of wood together with ROSE as a top of hyper-fabrication that fools the teens only,one of the hearty she-teens burst crying on JACK -the frozen , and we all in the theatre burst into laugh on her.It was just a movie for the teens,that is it..also the dummies falling and the frozen dead dummies were so rediculus.Respect our thoughts please.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: James Cameron
Leonardo DiCaprio
Kate Winslet

DVD title: Marnie
Productgroup: DVD
Marnie - movie DVD cover picture
Vertigo's little sister

A perfect companion piece for those who enjoyed Vertigo, and if you consider Vertigo among Hitchcock's best, you will probably enjoy this very similar "case study" of a film.
As in the earlier film, Marnie features a plot-heavy set-up (which is involving but not quite as magical as Vertigo's) which gives way to the second part of the film, the "conversion". Instead of James Stewart trying to makeover Kim Novak, we have Sean Connery trying to solve Tippi Hedren's psychological problems.
What makes this variation so noteworthy is that both the "doctor" and his "patient" have problems. Consider the motivations (and methods) of Connery's character, and you'll find someone about as messed up as Scottie from Vertigo.
As for the filmmaking itself, the color fades used so successfully in Vertigo are employed again to great effect. There are some amazing compositional motifs in this film; see how Hitchcock makes a claustrophobic location like a cruise ship seem wide-open & empty. Do you ever see any other passengers?
This well-acted film is at times romantic, funny, suspenseful, and sad. The themes touched on here are pretty ahead of their time (and like Vertigo pretty twisted for its time), and the psychobabble isn't as cringe-inducing as in Psycho or Spellbound. More than meets the eye, and Hitchcock's most underrated gem.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Tippi Hedren
Sean Connery

DVD title: Pat Metheny Group - Imaginary Day
Productgroup: DVD
Pat Metheny Group - Imaginary Day - movie DVD cover picture
A Fantastic way to see how the Group works visually

Pat Metheny Group at their best, and caught on DVD! wow, what a show. its awesome to see just how they make all their sounds and this will demand your attention right away. They pick incredible selections and personally, i love "follow me" "across the sky" "heat of the day" and "roots of cooincidence". the light display adds so much to the music, it's amazing. i love this dvd, it's always playing at my house. you should get it...get it

Studio: Pioneer Video
Pat Metheny Group

DVD title: Sphere
Productgroup: DVD
Sphere - movie DVD cover picture
Loved the book and the movie

What the Amazon professional review is saying is eminently correct -- the film is derivative. Like "Event Horizon" that came out almost at the same time, the movie borrows its basic premise from the Russian "Solaris," where a moral tale is told through supernatural phenomena enabled by the presence of a spaceship. The twist here is that the spaceship is 300 years old and lies on the bottom of the ocean.
Perhaps the ocean is a metaphor that represents our layered thinking and the "sphere" on the bottom of it is our deepest desires and the realization that we CAN make them real. The cast is indeed very talented and, along with special effects and a pricey set design, it rescues this movie from a total catastrophe. Our deepest emotions, our fantasies, our true nature are made of fear, suspicion, and violence. It's best to leave them repressed -- at the bottom of the ocean -- if we want to continue to live.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Barry Levinson
Dustin Hoffman
Sharon Stone
Samuel L. Jackson
Peter Coyote

DVD title: Twin Peaks - The Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
Twin Peaks - The Second Season - movie DVD cover picture
pissed off

i think it really takes the piss,why even produce the first series and not bother from there on geez!tp was and still is numero uno for loads of people,if those wise guys had half a brain they could make a killing!

Kyle MacLachlan
Michael Ontkean

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