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DVD title: Dragon Ball King Piccolo Part 1
Productgroup: DVD
Dragon Ball King Piccolo Part 1 - movie DVD cover picture
Best Dragon Ball saga I've seen

Yes, this is where the predominantly comedy/adventure "Dragonball" series begins its tranformation into its more action oriented sequel, "Dragonball Z". Also, this is where you will discover in full detail the origin of Piccolo, one of DBZ's most popular characters. The saga begins with the murder of Goku's best friend, Krillin at the end of the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai (AKA World Martial Arts Tournament). In a rage, Goku rushes off to avenge his fallen friend, but is unaware that Krillin's killer happens to be the most powerful underling of the evil Piccolo Daimao, who has been set free after years of imprisonment to turn the Earth into a living Hell once again! This DVD set contains only the first ten episodes of the saga, but it just keeps getting better beyond that. If you're a true DB/Z fan, I highly reccomend you buy this and the rest of the saga.

Studio: Funimation Productio
Director: Daisuke Nishio

DVD title: Oasis
Productgroup: DVD
Oasis - movie DVD cover picture
An introspective view of the physically and mentally disabled

The night air was crisp. A seemingly slightly retarded Korean man (well, mentally slow at least) offered to do a magic trick for his female companion who suffered from a lifetime affliction of cerebral palsy. Instead, she stuttered with her arms arhythmically jerking out of sequence to her words and her lazy eye wandering to the window, "Don't.... go.. I want.... you..... to sleep with me. Don't you know..... what it means..... when a woman..... asks a man..... to sleep...... with her?"

Then after removing clothes the two began to make love.

"Is this.. where you..? No, that's not it.."

She made random noises as her eyes again turned different directions, her arms were flailing.

"If anyone needs to use the bathroom after the sex scene it's upstairs, first door to the right." Jill announced.

I looked away from the projection and laughed.

The most interesting aspect of the movie was that the disabled female character suddenly normalized at points and in fantasy sequences the inner happiness of the two lovers was made apparent by removing the superficialities of their disabilities. It was excellent acting on her part and a brilliant way to project what the writer must have intended.

An inherent flaw of oriental (and perhaps most) societies in which strict societal conformity is demanded is also made very apparent.

The sad ending was perhaps unnecessary but was probably placed there to stress the overall sadness of their lives.

I enjoyed the movie, it inspired a lot of thought within me and I believe it to be a paramount film.

Studio: Lifesize Home Entert
Director: Chang-dong Lee

DVD title: 8 Seconds
Productgroup: DVD
8 Seconds - movie DVD cover picture
True but Sad

This movie was one of the best. Which I grew up in Texas around rodeoing and that gave me the disire to watch this movie. When he died and Tuff went to collect the award for Lane.Then he stayed on and rode for Lane I think is the sadest part. This movie also desires me to name my kid Lane

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: John G. Avildsen
Luke Perry
Stephen Baldwin

DVD title: The X-Files (aka Fight the Future)
Productgroup: DVD
The X-Files (aka Fight the Future) - movie DVD cover picture

X-Files fans will truely enjoy this movie. It explains the story more in-depth and gives die-hard fans what they have been waiting for since the end of last season. In addition, the first episode of this season "picks-up" where the movie ends.
For those new to the X-Files, you may feel a sense of drowning - trying to keep your head above the plot. That being said, the movie stands on its own and provides great entertainment value to anyone from the hardcore X-Files junkie to your parents. <grin>

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Rob Bowman
David Duchovny
Gillian Anderson

DVD title: The Butterfly Effect (Infinifilm Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Butterfly Effect (Infinifilm Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
God bless this DVD, God bless this movie!

About the movie: This movie is great! It is has to be the best film of 2004. It has a very original story, unexpected twists, great acting (including child acting). This is Ashton Kutcher's first serious role in a movie, and he does it wonderful. Nonetheless he is not the only one that can play different roles. Every character in the movie shows different personalities.
The effects are great, it is well directed, and everyone who loves time travel storys (Back To The Future, especially), will like this movie.

About the DVD: It has to be one of the most complete DVDs I ever seen. Infinifilm is actually great! The best thing about this DVD are the deleted scenes, and the Alternate Endings (3 different endings, plus the theatrical one). A lot of EPKs featuring the making of the film, story boards, and some documentaries about time travel and the origin of The Butterfly Effect term. The Director's Cut version of the film is quite interesting. I prefer the original version, but this one has its strenghts and weakneases just like the theatrical version.

Ok then, this DVD is a must have. Don't miss it!

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Ashton Kutcher
Melora Walters
Amy Smart

DVD title: My Cousin Vinny
Productgroup: DVD
My Cousin Vinny - movie DVD cover picture
Loaded With Laughs

This is one excellent light hearted comedy. Although the storyline gets a little bit far fetched, who really notices with all the funny lines and sight gags. Fred Gwynne is so cool as the hometown judge. Joe Pesci and Marissa Tomei add spunk and spice to the sleepy muddy town of Alabama where the trial is set. The conflict between the Old South and Italian Brooklyn comes to a funny peak when Pesci refers to the boys on trial as the two Yutes! Gwynne's reaction is just priceless. Anyway, for a barrell of laughts, go rent this one today!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Jonathan Lynn
Joe Pesci
Marisa Tomei

DVD title: Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (2-Disc Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (2-Disc Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Completely unique despite its honages to the genre.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL is that rare gem in a genre film - a new concept that pays homage to the classics in the genre without depending on them for success. Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio have written often for this genre (including TREASURE PLANET and THE MASK OF ZORRO), and prove here that writing really can elevate a genre piece to greatness. The story is tight, the dialogue devoid of exposition (so you'd best be paying attention - bathroom breaks will ruin the movie for you!) unless it's in character for the character to make a speech, and the plot twists and turns so often it's actually better on repeat viewings. This is one of the strangest and most intriguing qualities of the film: just like the theme park ride on which it is loosely based, it makes you want to get back in line and go around again.
Much has been said of Johnny Depp's brilliant creation, Captain Jack Sparrow. He takes lines that could have easily been delivered with Errol Flynn-like panache and instead crafts a performance in which we, like his counterparts in the film, are constantly wondering if he's mad or genius. No doubt, he carries the movie.
More often overlooked is the equally brilliant performance of Geoffrey Rush as the evil Captain Barbossa. He alone is equal to Depp when they share the screen, and when they don't, no one else holds a candle to him. He obviously relishes the role of the villain, and holds back nothing to deliver a chilling, amusing and captivating performance. Look for him in the Supporting Actor nominations this year.
With an enormous cast of well-developed supporting characters, all of whom contribute necessary developments to the plot, this has the feel of an old Hollywood film where the ensemble mattered as much as the marquee stars. What elevates it is the seamless application of CGI to create effects that never seem gratuitous and are a true joy to watch. Bruckheimer's pairing with Gore Verbinski gives us the Bruckheimer action film punch with Verbinski's purist directing sensibilities, and has raised my opinion of Bruckheimer's potential considerably.
Despite its PG-13 rating, I found it appropriate for nearly all ages, since the horror aspect of the cursed pirates is always mitigated by humor and a sense that all will be right in the end.
I never expected to find a good movie hidden inside the summer blockbuster season, but here it is - and this notoriously harsh film critic encourages you all to sit back, enjoy the ride, and brave the line a second time.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Gore Verbinski
Johnny Depp
Geoffrey Rush
Orlando Bloom
Keira Knightley
Jonathan Pryce

DVD title: Mi Bebé Discovers Latin America
Productgroup: DVD
Mi Bebé Discovers Latin America - movie DVD cover picture
This DVD is better than Baby Einstein-It has the Latin Touch

My Baby, Daniel, is seven months and we have use the baby einstein videos since he was two months. He enjoys those. However, my husban and I didn't feel that this videos where able to help us to show him our world- Latin America. At this stage, I'm looking for valuable tools to stimulate my child and "Mi Beb? Discovers Latin America" is fantastic to acomplish that in a great way for my baby. The music has different rithms from my beloved land like merengue, cumbia and tango. This is not a video to learn Spanish, but to learn about our heritage throughout music, didactic images and playful puppets that by the way are so original- like the pam tree. We are truly satisfy! If you are from latin america and like the Baby Einstein videos like Mozart, then this video is right for you.

Studio: My Giant World

DVD title: The Italian Job Gift Set (includes 1969 and 2003 Versions)
Productgroup: DVD
The Italian Job Gift Set (includes 1969 and 2003 Versions) - movie DVD cover picture
Exceptional combo

With a common deminator of Morris Minors these two movies reflect the entertainment of their day. The original, starring a ridiculously young Michael Caine, remains fresh despite its age. Filled with irepressible Cockney humor it moves between the comic moments to the final 'cliffhanger' leaving us all hanging. With appearance by Noel Coward, Benny Hill (in true form) The new version is much more a thriller of today. superbly fast paced, a truly rotten villain (a great performace as always from Edward Norton) and some brilliant heist scenes this ranks up there with the Rock, Con Air and the like for excitement. Mark Whalberg shines and Charlize Theron is so much more than joyous eye candy here.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Peter Collinson
Michael Caine
Noel Coward

DVD title: Pinocchio (Disney Gold Classic Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
Pinocchio (Disney Gold Classic Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
A timeless classic

Pinnochio is one of the best animated Disney film. It is thrilling frightening Dark and light hearted. It is beautiful and funny. You probably already know the story. Gepetto makes a puppet that comes alive. He is inquisitive and cute. But he wants to be a real boy. it has great songs not to mention Disney's most popular song the Disney theme Song, when you wish upon a star. Get this. One of the best films of all time Disney animated or not. A timeless clasic that can withstand the test of time!

Studio: Disney Studios
Dickie Jones
Christian Rub

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