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DVD title: Bad Boys (1995)/Blue Streak
Productgroup: DVD
Bad Boys (1995)/Blue Streak - movie DVD cover picture
Best Cop Movie Ever

Totally the best action movie I have ever seen! This movie has everything. Some of the best lines I have ever heard were in this film. It is funny and action packed as well. It has an excellent plot, and great casting, I don't think that the director could have done a better job. I loved it!!!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Les Mayfield
Martin Lawrence

DVD title: Little Shop of Horrors
Productgroup: DVD
Little Shop of Horrors - movie DVD cover picture
little shop of horrors

i love move think was little funny poeple how can little plant eat people i love the moive and my friend watch over andover

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Frank Oz
Rick Moranis
Ellen Greene
Vincent Gardenia

DVD title: We Were Soldiers
Productgroup: DVD
We Were Soldiers - movie DVD cover picture
Hollywood Finally Got It Right...

After reading many of the negative reviews complaining that this movie was not a political crusade and did not make the veterans out to be criminals or druggies, I had to write this review.

This film is based on the book, "We Were Soldiers Once...And Young" by then Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore and reporter Joe Galloway. The book is about the first major battle in the Vietnam war in November 1965 in the Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam. Colonel Moore, commanded a battalion of troops who were sent to "find the enemy." Little did they know that they were dropped into the middle of a base camp for an entire Vietnamese Army Division. At the end of the battle, Moore's men won the battle despite the fact that they were ridiculously outnumbered.

Through their own memories and extensive research and interviews with those who fought there, Moore and Galloway were able to tell the story of the entire battle as seen through the eyes of soldiers, including the commander of the Vietnamese troops.

This film is true to the book and tells the story of the men who fought bravely and died on LZ X-Ray. The director, Randall Wallace said that he set out to make the movie true to the battle after reading that Colonel Moore said that "Hollywood had gotten the story of the Vietnam soldier wrong every damned time."

If you are looking for a pure action movie, this is not for you. If you are looking for an ideologic, political movie a la Platoon or Apocalypse Now, this is not your movie.

Mel Gibson plays Colonel Moore with much gusto and is very believable as a Lt. Colonel. Sam Elliott's portrayal of Command Sergeant Major Plumley brought back memories of CSM's and 1st sergeants I knew in my military service. Greg Kinnear as Bruce Crandall, a brave helicopter pilot that kept the wounded moving, the reinforcements and supplies coming. Barry Pepper rounds out the top four of the cast in a memorable performance as reporter Joe Galloway. Others in this movie are Madeleine Stowe, Chris Klein of American Pie fame, Keri Russell (Felicity)and Ryan Hurst (Saving Private Ryan, Remember the Titans).

The pace of the movie is very good, beginning with a quick introduction about the Vietnam War. Showing the troops getting ready to leave their families and the pain their loved ones feel when they do leave. It then drops us into the middle of battle with cinematography on par with Saving Private Ryan. It is during this time and during the aftermath that we see the incredible bravery and selfless sacrifice on both sides that day. It brought tears to my eyes watching the battle, knowing that this movie was a true account of one of the battles of Vietnam. The movie also cuts back to the homefront, where the wives eagerly await the return of their husbands and dread the receipt of news that they have become a widow.

Being a veteran of our U.S. Army, maybe I am more sentimental to movies of this nature than non-veterans. I have seen more war movies than I can remember. I'll say this...never have I been more moved or more touched or more proud after watching a movie about the brave men of our military. I am not ashamed to say that I wept during this film. The portrayal of the battle and the camaraderie of men during battle is dead on and moved me to tears. The carnage of the war and the dead and dying was hard to watch. I was very touched that this movie showed the war back home, which has not happened in any film that I can remember. This movie portrayed the anxiety and fear of the soldiers' wives, who awaited their return and feared every day that they would become widows.

If you want and ideological spin on the Vietnam war made by people who won't stop talking about its failures, rent Platoon or another movie. If you want to watch a tribute to thos soldiers, and see true heroism and the sacrifice that our soldiers made back then and continue to make today, watch this movie.

"Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends."

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Randall Wallace
Mel Gibson

DVD title: Spider-Man - The New Animated Series (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Spider-Man - The New Animated Series (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Best Animated Spider-Man Ever!!!

This series rocks!!! Produced by Canada's own Mainframe Entertainment, featuring an incredible 2D-3D comic book style animation. This show was broadcasted locally by YTV. Highly recommended!!!

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom

DVD title: Dragonball Z, Vol. 1 - Arrival
Productgroup: DVD
Dragonball Z, Vol. 1 - Arrival - movie DVD cover picture
The Arival

The Arival Is a great movie It contains the first 4 episodes of dragonball z. It explains what happened to goku when he was a kidWhy he was sent. And what happened to The Planet Vegeta

Studio: Pioneer Video
Dragon Ball Z

DVD title: Shrek (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Shrek (Two-Disc Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
awesome movie

this movie was tight it was so funny. u should this right away if u like good laughes and good story lines.

Studio: Dreamworks Skg
Mike Myers
Eddie Murphy

DVD title: The Truman Show
Productgroup: DVD
The Truman Show - movie DVD cover picture
A very brilliant movie for one Jim Carrey

This movie is a great movie and is the second best Carrey movie behind Dumb and Dumber but this is still quite a great album the story is that he is being recorded 24 hours a day on live TV and he lives in a different world and all the people on this place are all actors and all them.Then he found out what happened and was going to get on of it on live TV.Some brilliant serious acting by Jim Carrey strongly recommendedActing 10 Story 10 Direction 10 Action 9 Entertainment 10Overall=49/50 wich is 5 stars also recomended if you like thisForest Gump and Cast Away also both classic movies.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Peter Weir
Jim Carrey

DVD title: The Last Temptation of Christ - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
The Last Temptation of Christ - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
A film not to be missed

Criterion has scored once again with their presentation of one of Martin Scorsese's many masterpieces, The Last Temptation of Christ. The features are bountiful and the menus are very classy. It is like having a really nice edition of The Bible, except a little more entertaining in my opinion. (I bet that comment will score big with the biblical fundamentalists who hate this film!). The commentary on the disc is very insightful, and sheds a lot of light on why the filmmakers felt this was a book that should be made into a movie. This presentation is the first time I have heard the movie mentioned without some one talking about the cotroversy surrounding it. This is a really good thing, because now it can be seen for what it truly is: an amazing, reverent and heartfelt film.

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Martin Scorsese
Willem Dafoe
Harvey Keitel
Barbara Hershey

DVD title: The Crow: City of Angels
Productgroup: DVD
The Crow: City of Angels - movie DVD cover picture
Action Packed!

The Crow comes back to life and starts killing people. So much fun, go see it!

Studio: Dimension Home Video
Director: Tim Pope
Vincent Perez
Mia Kirshner

DVD title: Gilligan's Island - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
Gilligan's Island - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent Set, Buy It Now And Enjoy

Well, it took a while and it was worth the wait. The second season of our favourite sixties 'social micrososm' series is here at last. Pristine prints and fantastic intros by Sherwood Schwartz and Russell Johnson. Sherwood also provides a very entertaining commentary for 'The Little Dictator'. Sherwood also hints at further special features on season three! Can't wait!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Bob Denver

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