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DVD title: I'm Bout It
Productgroup: DVD
I'm Bout It - movie DVD cover picture
A tremendous movie

This movie is very good because it's based on a true story and people gettin real in this movie, not for the week at heart. Great job on all aspects of the movie. It is extremely interesting to see how it was down south in the early days of P. Another great thing about this movie is the soundtrack. It's goota be one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard in a movie. This movie is everything I Got The Hook up! could never be as well as any other movies P makes.

DVD title: From Justin To Kelly (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
From Justin To Kelly (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
J2K rocks!!

Only one word can describe this movie HOTT HOTT HOTT!! Justin and Kelly light up the screen with their amazing Chemistry and wonderful voices. They have a tremendous amount of talent and did a WONDERFUL job with this movie. I do think that the movie could've been better written, but Justin and Kelly pulled it off...from the dialogue,the musical numbers, and the dancing...every aspect of this movie kicked MAJOR bootay! Jelly sizzles and delivers a really good on screen debut.
Prepare to become Jellified!!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Robert Iscove
Kelly Clarkson
Justin Guarini

DVD title: Forever Young
Productgroup: DVD
Forever Young - movie DVD cover picture
All Mel

Was I frozen in 1992 when this was released?
The storyline, if a teeny bit predictable in certain (satisfying) ways, is so well edited that the suspense and surprises last for the whole film, and it requires a second view at least to catch all the links and touches. No slouches in this production.
The boy Nat is utterly real, in fact both the kid-discoverers are right on and very funny. Jamie Lee Curtis is magnificent. Mel is as good as he gets, especially in the treehouse-pilot scene, when we learn a new version of 'special effects'.
I've absorbed many a fight scene (yawn) in a few years of movies, but Mel defeating the Jerk in the early scenes made me sit up and say, "Rewind that! Let me see him do THAT again!" And there are plenty of other delightful moments in this.
I've bought 2 copies of it to send to friends, just tonight. A good idea is for the 10 year old kid to watch it with his grandparents. But it's for everybody....Hannah

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Steve Miner
Mel Gibson
Jamie Lee Curtis

DVD title: Rat Race
Productgroup: DVD
Rat Race - movie DVD cover picture
The wildest comedy you'll ever see!

"Rat Race" is a hilarious, upbeat film with an A-list of stars and a smart script. John Cleese stars as a rich Las Vegas hotel owner who lurs six money-hungry people into a race from Las Vegas to Silver City, New Mexico to find a locker with $2 million. The first to the locker wins the money. And the only rule is: there are no rules. Now the six contestants are on their way to try to be the first to win the money...and they'll do whatever it takes. And all the while, they are being watched and Donald Sinclair (Cleese) is letting other rich people make bets on who will win!
The film also stars Rowan Atkinson, Whoopi Goldberg, Cuba Gooding Jr., Seth Green, Jon Lovitz, Breckin Meyer, Kathy Najimy, Amy Smart, and a cameo by Kathy Bates and the pop/rock band, Smash Mouth. Each contestant tries to find their own way to get to the lockers...and there is a surprising ending! "Rat Race" will have you laughing hysterically non-stop until the very ending credits. The film's moral is that some people really will do anything for money...even make complete fools out of themselves in the process. This is no Oscar-worthy film, but it doesn't need to be. It has an excellent script and storyline, and fabulous, believable acting. The DVD is not so great, because there really are no special features. But the film itself is definitely worth seeing. The DVD also comes in wide screen format. Don't miss this one!
I highly recommend "Rat Race".

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Jerry Zucker
Breckin Meyer
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Vince Vieluf
Whoopi Goldberg
Jon Lovitz

DVD title: The Rugrats Movie
Productgroup: DVD
The Rugrats Movie - movie DVD cover picture
I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this movie!! My favorite part is when Susie and Angelica sing A Baby is A gift From Above. Chuckie is my favorite. This movie tells the story of young Tommy Pickles and his friends Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Susie and his nasty cousin Angelica. In one of the first scenes in the movie, Tommy's new brother, Dylan Prescott Pickles is born, being nicknamed Baby Dil. Tommy's household is very different after Dil is born because Dil cries alot and gets all the attention. Then one day, Phil and Lil decide that they think Tommy dosen't want Dil anymore, so they put Dil in the Reptar Wagon, Stu's newest invention and plan to drive Dil back to the "hopsicle" but Tommy spots them and right then Dil decides to steal Cynthia from Angelica. Angelica tries to stop him but Dil accidentally starts the Reptar Wagon and it accidentally rolls out of the house and into the woods. Luckily, all the Rugrats are in the wagon. Meanwhile, Angelica and Spike, her "butthound" try to find the babies so Angelica can get Cynthia back. It is a great movie which everyon of all ages should see!!

Studio: Paramount Studio
Elizabeth Daily
Christine Cavanaugh

DVD title: Jean De Florette
Productgroup: DVD
Jean De Florette - movie DVD cover picture
A Perfectly Haunting Film

This is the film that got me on to French cinema. Actually, I made a mistake and watched Manon of the Springs first, but still found de Florette stunning. Perhaps the need to rely on subtitles combined with my very, very poor French forces a better level of attention and use of the mind. More likely, this work is just so stunning in concept and execution that it left an indelible impression. In any event, I was so spellbound by the Marcel Pagnol story and Claude Berri film that I couldn't rest until a few weeks later, when I found the novel during a business trip to LA (this was before Amazon). Surprisingly, the film made every essential point contained in the written work, even in the short time available and nothing crucial was missed.
This film reminds me of someone's quotation about Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac: it's not a great play, merely a perfect one. The performance by Yves Montand, sadly his last, as the elderly patriarch of a dying out peasant clan was monumental. Depardieu is excellent, but that's nothing unusual. What is unusual is that he still excels in a film where the other actors are the real focuses of attention. In every way this movie is the polar opposite of the standard dreck that comes out of Hollywood. If I had the opportunity, I would rate it at 25 stars instead of 5. My only caution is that it is necessary to also see Manon of the Springs to get the whole story, but that's no burden at all, since the second film is almost as perfect.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Claude Berri
Yves Montand
Gérard Depardieu

DVD title: Bear in the Big Blue House - Potty Time with Bear
Productgroup: DVD
Bear in the Big Blue House - Potty Time with Bear - movie DVD cover picture
Fun Motivation

My grandson loves this video. We got it when he started potty training and he still sings the songs. His favorite part was to discover from the Bear that everybody, even Mommy and Daddy, had a potty chair. Seeing the Bear that he recognized from TV encouraging him to be potty trained provided real motivation.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid

DVD title: The Matrix
Productgroup: DVD
The Matrix - movie DVD cover picture

The Matrix really makes you think, cool special effects coupled with good acting make this movie unbeatable. A MUST watch for all

Studio: Warner Studios
Keanu Reeves
Laurence Fishburne
Carrie-Anne Moss

DVD title: Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

One of the greatest movies of all time. If you don't like it, you have to at least respect it for it's greatness.
The plot is brilliant, the acting is good, and the special effects are amazing for their date and age.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Harrison Ford

DVD title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Full Screen Edition) (Harry Potter 1)
Productgroup: DVD
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Full Screen Edition) (Harry Potter 1) - movie DVD cover picture
The Best Movie Ever

Don't get me wrong, I found the movie quite enjoyable, but didn't they say that they'd stay true to the book? I mean it's one thing to leave a few things out, that's inevitable, but it's quite another to change them entirely! The whole Norbert thing was totally different, so when Harry first meet Malfoy, they cut out important scenes at the end, as were several other things. It just kind of annoyed me! The casting however was quite awesome. All the main characters were about perfect in my opinion, but they weren't developed as well, nor was a lot of the storyline. Bottom line, as with just about everything else--THE BOOK WAS BETTER!!!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Chris Columbus
Daniel Radcliffe

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