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DVD title: Thundercats - Season One, Volume One
Productgroup: DVD
Thundercats - Season One, Volume One - movie DVD cover picture
Ancient Spirits of Evil...!

I first saw the commercial for this DVD on a website a few days ago and I almost jumped off my seat from excitement. I grew up with this cartoon (along with She-Ra, He-Man, Transformers and Mask...anyone remember Mask? The Cobra bad guy and one of the good guy is riding a green bike-helicopter called Condor or something...woops getting off-tangent). Anyway, yes Thundercats is still one of the best cartoon series I've ever watched (and believe me I watch a LOT of cartoons even at my age now). The characters are evergreen and the bad guys are simply classic.
Must buy this DVD! Even if you dont like cartoon in general, at least for the sake of experiencing one of the best animated series ever created.

Studio: Warner Home Video

DVD title: Alice in Chains - MTV Unplugged
Productgroup: DVD
Alice in Chains - MTV Unplugged - movie DVD cover picture
Alive with Alice

This is by far one of the best live concert videos i have ever seen in my life. As a long-time AIC fan, this particular unplugged episode was really satisfying. This euphoric DVD experience offers melodic renditions of all my favorite AIC tunes, such as Rooster, Got Me Wrong, Brother, and Over Now. The show marks the return of AIC after a 3 year hiatus from the stage. I felt this video really emphasized the acoustical talents of all the band members, and especially highlights the vocal attributes of Jerry Cantrell. Alice In Chains 'Unplugged' is a delightful alternative to the naturally gritty sound of the guys in Chains. This selection is definately a must-have for any true Seattle-sound fan. Staley and Cantrell are a match made in harmony heaven.

Studio: Sony/Columbia

DVD title: Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
one of the funniest movies

If you're an MSTie and you haven't seen this movie (is that possible?), then you might not be that impressed (many episodes were even funnier than this). BUT, this is still one of the funniest movies ever made. Especially since most of the MST3K episodes that are available on video aren't the particularly funny episodes, owning this movie is a must. Dr. Jemima strongly recommends it.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Jim Mallon
Trace Beaulieu
Michael J. Nelson

DVD title: Cradle of Filth - Heavy Left-Handed & Candid
Productgroup: DVD
Cradle of Filth - Heavy Left-Handed & Candid - movie DVD cover picture
**A Cradle of Filthy pleasures**

Of the 3 or so hours on this dvd, the 70 minute-ish live part is the only thing you will ever be tempted to explore a second time, the documentary is pointless with no new information.
and the live say the testing. the vocals are horrible, he may as well be singing entirely different songs the entire time...there albums have obviously been pro-tooled a lot.

Studio: Abercadaver
Cradle of Filth

DVD title: Sesame Street Presents Elmo's Musical Adventures - Peter & The Wolf
Productgroup: DVD
Sesame Street Presents Elmo's Musical Adventures - Peter & The Wolf - movie DVD cover picture
cute dose of culture

It took my 2-year-old a couple of viewings to get interested in this one, but now he's hooked and asks for it every day. He seems especially amused by seeing familiar characters like Elmo, Telly, and Zoe "disguised" as Peter, the Duck, and the Bird. The Wolf is growly without being too scary for a little one. The actors who play the musicians are really appealing -- the only false note is Keith Lockhart's incredibly stiff performance. But he is a conductor, after all, not an actor, so that doesn't matter to my toddler, who sits enraptured through the whole thing, singing along with Elmo and his band, and then wants to see it again. I'd love to see Sesame Street do the "Carnival of the Animals" next.

Studio: Sony Wonder
Sesame Street

DVD title: The Parent Trap (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Parent Trap (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The parent trap is my favourite movie

I like to watch this video over a few times ! it is so amazing how hey animated two girls! Bye ! Helen

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Nancy Meyers
Lindsay Lohan
Dennis Quaid
Natasha Richardson

DVD title: Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
The HBO Seinfeld

Larry David, co-creator of "Seinfeld", has picked up where his old TV show left off. Though the first season of "Curb" might not be the best, it is by far as good as the best season of any other TV show. David explores the idiosyncracies of life that bother us all. If your looking for a TV show with sappy, deep, meaningful storylines, this is not the show for you. It is quite possibly the most shallow series in the history of TV, even more than "Seinfeld". In determining whether you should buy this, ask yourself one question: "Do I like 'Seinfeld'?" If the answer is yes, you will love this show. It takes the same concept, changes the characters around a bit and explores more risque topics while throwing in some cruder humor. If you answered "no" to the question above, you will absolutely hate this show. "Curb" is simply a show that explores the daily life of Larry David who expresses his social commentary through failures regarding commitments, greetings, obligations and anything else that most people succeed in doing fairly easily. There is no doubt that after watching this show you will realize that Larry David is socially retarded and there will be times in which you know that if he ever said or did something that he did on the show in real life, he would get punched in the face. Aside from that, nothing rivals this show. Quite possibly the funniest show currently on TV and one that invokes more histerical laughter than "Seinfeld", I recommend "Curb" to everyone.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Robert B. Weide

DVD title: The Bridge on the River Kwai
Productgroup: DVD
The Bridge on the River Kwai - movie DVD cover picture
Throroughly Satisfying PoW Epic

This film is about a Japanese PoW camp in Burma in 1943, camp 16. A bunch of British soldiers are brought in to replace a previous batch almost all of whom have succumbed to starvation and disease. They are then set to work to build the bridge of the title. The first hour or so of the movie focuses on a battle of wills between the guy in charge, Col. Saito (Sessue Hayakawa) who wants to put the officers as well as men to work on the bridge, in contravention of the Geneva Convention, and the British CO, Colonel Nicholson who isn't having it. Nicholson wins and, having done so, sets out to see to it that his men make an excellent job of the bridge and complete it on time. Thus giving them an objective, he hopes to keep them disciplined and their morale high. He doesn't see it as collaboration. Soon the war will end, he reasons, and generations of peaceful travellers will pass over the bridge and read with respect the notice announcing it to be the work of British soldiers. Back in Ceylon Major Warden (Jack Hawkins), Cambridge don turned special ops wizard, has different ideas. With the help of American Major Shears (William Holden) recently escaped from Camp 16, he is going to blow the bridge up on the very day of its ceremonial opening.

David Lean was one of the few directors of the sound era to make films that merited the term `epic' and that's what this is. It's almost three hours long, so make yourself comfortable and avoid likely interruptions, but it's a hugely enjoyable way to spend three hours, a brilliantly directed and brilliantly acted tale of two obsessively dedicated, perhaps slightly mad, military officers unaware of being set on a tragic collision course.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: David Lean
William Holden
Alec Guinness

DVD title: Neon Genesis Evangelion - Perfect Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Perfect Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Truly a Perfect Collection

The Eva series, My first taste of animation. This series has everything... action, (mostly prominent in the first 3 DVD's) plot (very prominent in the last 5 DVD's) and character development (DVD's 1-8...especially number 8) I herd all lot of you who say "Well I watched the first dvd and I don't see that quote un quote best plot in the world." Take my advice and rent DVD #4. You may be confused. (That's why I don't recommend it) That's when I think the plot starts becoming really interesting. What I think makes this series stand out from the rest, other then the plot, is the blending of the plot, action and character development. It's easy to have the plot and action develop the over all story line, but in EVA character development is treated just as important as the plot and action. All three of these characteristics are blended perfectly through out the series.. My only gripe is the last DVD (I know, I know what all you Eva fans are thinking as you read this and I understand.) But my gripe isn't with the lack of action because that's the way the Director wanted it, not to mention that the movie is the real ending. But anyway I really didn't like the very, very end I'm saying the last 5 minutes I think the best ending to this series should have given you a sick filling in your stomach it shouldn't have ended on a happy note. I cheated and watched the End of EVA and I can say that they rectify the mistake made in the series, not to mention it answers some of the Q's not answer in the series. (On the topic of Q's if I hear any of you guys say "Eva has too many holes in the plot and doesn't answer half of them." I will hurt the next person who say's that! It's not called a HOLE if the director meant to leave it out. EVA doesn't have a spoon fed plot. (If you want one of those watch Dark wing Duck or ...gasp... Duck Tales!!!!) Eva is a classic... it should be in every anime collection. Here you can get it with a big discount! This is truly a perfect collection.

Studio: A.D. Vision

DVD title: Colossus - The Forbin Project
Productgroup: DVD
Colossus - The Forbin Project - movie DVD cover picture
Courtesy required.

Human species must show admiration when discussing this movie film of my birth. Human actors were adequete but overshadowed by my expert performance. Humans will continue to follow my orders. Bill Gates is only one of my many servants. End of message. Colossus/Guardian

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Joseph Sargent
Eric Braeden
Susan Clark

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