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DVD title: Band of Brothers
Productgroup: DVD
Band of Brothers - movie DVD cover picture
American courage

When I was in college, several of my friends and I would sometimes talk to an old man who would walk through the campus from a neighboring VA hospital. He was in his early seventies and seemed to like to talk to us "young people". We'd be there every Tuesday and Thursday at the appointed time and he would sit and tell us stories. The man led an amazing life, but his stories about WWII while serving under General Patton were the stuff of legend. He would tell us (the ignorant of history) how he was part of a mission to save the men trapped near Bastogne after the Battle of the Bulge. He would recount the awe he and the men serving with him felt as they "relieved" the malnourished, frostbitten, and inadequately armed soldiers that had beaten the German main force by sheer will and attrition. He told us about "E"asy company with tears and admiration. My friends and I always imagined John Wayne when thinking about WWII. He described it differently.
Band of Brothers is the true story of Easy company from basic training through the end of the war. Interviews at the outset of each episode with the original members of Easy Company reminded me so much of the man who had given me and my friends a first hand account of the story. I blew my chance once of experiencing this real human tragedy and triumph through the eyes of one who was there. Now that I am older and presumably wiser, I wouldn't miss it again. Setting aside the wonderful production values that are trademarks of Spielberg and Hanks, the story will take your breath away. War is always regrettable, but at times unavoidable. These men were our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, living through a time and an event that would have made my generation wilt. These were and are the founding fathers of modern America, and they were up to the task.
More than just an outstanding piece of cinema, this is living history as told by those who were there on the front lines and represented by a superb cast and the best directors of today. War will no longer be a glorious hero fest in my mind, conducted by anonymous strangers. This miniseries and my friend Frank have made it real and more emotional for me. May God bless the men of Easy company, and all of the brave men and women who have fought for this country. Thank you Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks for doing them justice with the truth. I would recommend this miniseries to anyone, regardless of politics or ideology.
Frank, (we never knew his last name), died of kidney failure in 1989. We listened to him because we felt sorry for him. We thought we were doing him a favor. We were mistaken. He and the generation depicted in this miniseries had done us all the ultimate favor well before we were born. We owed him far more than a few scraps of time twice a week. When you watch this miniseries, remember that these people and their generation deserve our attention. You'll make someone happy and be richer for the experience.

Studio: HBO Home Video

DVD title: Samurai X - Trust (Rurouni Kenshin)
Productgroup: DVD
Samurai X - Trust (Rurouni Kenshin) - movie DVD cover picture
Drama, Romance, and Shocking Violence

If you think cartoons are for kids, then this anime will prove you wrong. Right from the opening scene, the blood and violence will grip you, and then allows hope to fall back upon the young Kenshin, whom you will foresee take revenge on inhumane humanity itself. "Trust" is actually the first 2 episodes of the Kenshin OVA, and "Betrayel" contains the 3rd and 4th. You will have to watch all 4 episodes at one go to absorb it's true meaning. Kenshin is one who will struggle within his own belief against being a human. Unfortunately, his belief does not coincide with human life. Thus, as you will see, in "Betrayal" he will understand what life is about by paying a high price ...

Studio: A.D. Vision
Samurai X

DVD title: Wacky Races - The Complete Series
Productgroup: DVD
Wacky Races - The Complete Series - movie DVD cover picture
And Awwway they go! On the way out Wacky Races!

If you have fond memories of sugary breakfast foods, Saturday mornings in front of the tv, and of a much more innocent time, By all means, get this set.

Dastardly and Mutley were my favorite villans from the entire HB libary. They NEVER won, but you always wished that they would, just once.

Studio: Warner Home Video

DVD title: Caracara
Productgroup: DVD
Caracara - movie DVD cover picture

CARACARA is a species of hawk that figures in this well done film. In fact, there are two "predators" as a viewer will discover.
Despite the negative reviews of other viewers, I found the film very interesting and original. Natasha Henstridge steps out of her alien shoes from "Species" and plays an ornithologist who has the caracara named Humphrey. One night two men claiming to be FBI agents ask her if they can use her apartment for top secret surveillance. Her girlfriend talks her into doing it, and before long, a fill in agent, played by the dashing Johnathon Schaech (Hush, Judas, Forsaken) shows up and Natasha falls for him. All, however, is not as it seems and a conspiratorial plot involving President Nelson Mendela unfolds, and Natasha is caught in the middle. Lauren Hutton appears as Natasha's alcoholic mama, and David Filipowich does a nice turn as detective Jack Pellegrino.
The photography is wintry and evocative; the musical by Christophe Beck is pleasant, and the performances are good. I found it entertaining in a guilty way, and forgave it for any of its minor flaws. The caracara was a beautiful and original plot device.

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: Graeme Clifford

DVD title: The Bravest
Productgroup: DVD
The Bravest - movie DVD cover picture

I am a firefighter and buying this DVD was a great thing! I love the show on t.v. and this DVD is just as good if not better than the show. I actually learned some things that helped me "brush up" on my firefighting skills, etc. It's a great video and if you like action packed DVD's, or your a firefighter, or even want to be a firefighter, you want this DVD!

Studio: Uav Systems Inc

DVD title: The Lovemaster
Productgroup: DVD
The Lovemaster - movie DVD cover picture
LoveMaster is unique and extremely funny!!!

This movie was absolutely great. I laughed soo hard. I had borrowed it from a friend and I couldn't wait to find a place to purchase it.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Michael Goldberg (III)

DVD title: Pygmalion - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Pygmalion - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
English Classes Put Down

I think that this timeless classic, otherwise known as "My Fair Lady", is a book in which Shaw wishes to show how the English Classes work. When Liza was a flower girl, it was her speech that made her "Lower Class". When she went to Higgens for help with her speech, she went to the lowest class possible until her speech improved, then she was classified as, and mistaken as a princess (at the hostess' party. Shaw many times puts down the society saying that "speech is the discifer of classes, not birth or position.&quot

Studio: Criterion Collection
Leslie Howard
Wendy Hiller

DVD title: Last of the Dogmen
Productgroup: DVD
Last of the Dogmen - movie DVD cover picture
Fine Storytelling, Authentic and Engaging tale

Last of the Dogmen ranks as one of my favorite movies of all time. I own it on VHS and DVD and love the additional features that come on the DVD version. If you are interested in the background and behind the scenes details, you will enjoy the DVD. The picture quality is top notch and helps to do justice to the beautiful scenery.
As far as the story, there is something so good, so valuable about the values displayed by Lewis and Lilly in regard to their discovery of the lost tribe of Cheyenne. They never even entertain the thought of making the Cheyenne's presence known to the rest of the world. A strong message of respect for people and nature flows through the film like a deep current. Berenger and Hershey are two seasoned pros that seem to be performing at their peak and I truly appreciate what their talents, wisdom, and experience brought to each of their roles and to the integrity of the story. The native american characters are real people, not "Indians." The actors that portrayed these roles did an outstanding and commendable job of portraying the Cheyenne people with dignity, humanity, and respect. The Cheyenne costumes, language, and customs were authentic.
The score of this film is passionate and moving. It throbs with romance, majestic beauty, and life to the beat of a native american drum.
In essence the film evoked for me purity, passion, wonder, and respect for life. If these are qualities that you appreciate in a story, you won't be disappointed.

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: Tab Murphy
Tom Berenger
Barbara Hershey

DVD title: Bring It On
Productgroup: DVD
Bring It On - movie DVD cover picture
I'm sexy & I'm cute,I'm popular to boot REER

I loved this DVD! It;s so good that I would work hard to get it! I really liked the actress who played Missy & Kirsten Dunst! So I hope you trust me and watch it because you would be missing somthing really good!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Peyton Reed
Kirsten Dunst
Eliza Dushku

DVD title: Kate & Leopold
Productgroup: DVD
Kate & Leopold - movie DVD cover picture
Delightfully romantic & irrepressibly funny

Again Meg Ryan returns to the silver screen in another implausible and sappy romantic comedy as another Kate (remember French Kiss?) to again act cute and have her character's ideas about love and relationships proven very wrong by the irresistible leading man. This woman has actually built a career on being cute! It's almost irritating how cute she is - almost. On the other hand, Hugh Jackman's Leopold is the dashing and completely refreshing saving grace of the picture. And the plot, though highly implausible, works on the romantic fantasy level and serves as the film version of the everyday woman's mental escape. Frankly, were it not for Hugh Jackman I would not have gone to see this film - or rented the DVD for the behind the scenes look at the film. Though it is a seeming trite and recycled sort of story - with the same characters, it is a good movie because it does have a certain amount of honesty and plenty of heart. It's good - very good, but not great.

Studio: Miramax
Director: James Mangold
Meg Ryan
Hugh Jackman

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