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DVD title: The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over - DTS
Productgroup: DVD
The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over - DTS - movie DVD cover picture
Amazing audio quality

I enjoyed the concert when I first recorded it on VHS. A friend came over the house to hear my newly-purchased home theatre system and told me I had to get Hell Freezes Over. It's recorded in DTS and sounds great. I bought it and agree. The sound quality is incredible. My home theatre system is nice but not super expensive, more entry-level +. I've never heard sound quality like this before. You can hear every instrument!!!

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Beth McCarthy-Miller

DVD title: Notorious
Productgroup: DVD
Notorious - movie DVD cover picture
Suspense out of nothingness... quite a feat!

This is one of the great Hitchcock films, and one of the great films of all time. In this age where we have become used to vivid and realistic gore, multi-million dollar special effects, etc., it's truly an education to see how suspense can be created without any of these tools. The final thirty minutes or so just leave you in chills, simply by suggesting the "possibility" of disastrous consequences. If you can learn to appreciate how a master like Hitchcock works the human imagination, you are well on your way to being a more enlightened fan of cinema!

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Cary Grant
Ingrid Bergman
Claude Rains

DVD title: City Lights
Productgroup: DVD
City Lights - movie DVD cover picture

As a challenge to the talkies, it wasn't very important. There is a bit at the beginning that burlesques the kind of sound that used to come from the screen while the mechanism of sound reproduction was in its earliest state of imperfection. This is a delightful film, not Chaplin's very best; but in its day, considered far ahead of any other funny man's best - and for that very reason, I give it 5 stars. There is nothing in it that quite approaches the gorgeous pantomime of the sermon in the THE PILGRIM nor does it evoke such yells of laughter as some of THE GOLD RUSH. It's almost too carefully done, and some of the gags have lost their old element of surprise. There is the Chaplin touch, of course, but it takes a pretty loyal Chaplin fan not to complain when two years of more of production yielded so many worn-out incidents. From the production standpoint, this picture was one of Chaplin's smoothest and handsomest, but it lost something of the old-time dash for that very reason. The acting of the subsidiary roles is excellent, but unfortunately, the pathos in CITY LIGHTS is frequently sentimental and mawkish. Harry Myers and Hank Mann give comic performances that would steal scene after scene from almost anyone but Chaplin. The delicate and lovely Virginia Cherrill, who plays the blind girl who wins the little tramp's heart was once briefly married to Cary Grant in the early thirties.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Charles Chaplin
Charles Chaplin
Virginia Cherrill

DVD title: The Rat Pack
Productgroup: DVD
The Rat Pack - movie DVD cover picture
great writing and supporting cast

Aside from the already praised performances of the leads, I should add that the characterizations are all very good, with all the nuances of these men's relationships with each other well performed. The guy who played Peter Lawford deserves a mark, I think, for his portrayal of the simpering, not very talented friend who nonetheless had Kennedy connections. The mob sub-plot is kind of silly, given what we've seen before, but probably necessary for drama. The Kennedy stuff is fun, especially their scheming old man, although Marilyn Monroe is played like a zombie.
One complaint: Frank is basically "between women" here, and the lack of a strong female character shows. But all-in-all, well-written by Kario Salem, who played a hippyesque half-breed Marcel Pasquinel in the 70s mini-series "Centennial." And the music swings, baby...

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: Rob Cohen
Ray Liotta
Joe Mantegna

DVD title: The West Wing - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
The West Wing - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
TV doesn't get any better than this

I never watched "The West Wing" when it aired on broadcast TV simply because I wanted to enjoy the show from season one, and more ORDER. Each of first season's 22 episodes are only 42 minutes commercial free minutes long and not one dog in the bunch! This show defines creative writing at its finest. It matters not what political persuasion you happen to be to enjoy this show for what it is, but for dramatic purposes the show's writers naturally had to pick a political party and run with it. So, like the proverbial coin toss, "The West Wing" happens to depict a fictional Democratic administration. Thanks to excellence in writing and acting, you may even learn some arcane details about our political process in a highly entertaining ways. The writers constantly challenge your intellect with amusing asides such as the President saying " Four words in the English language begin with the letters dw. What are they?" The rapid fire delivery of dialog by this superior ensemble cast is verbal poetry taking a brisk walk. This show is broadcast television striving hard to reach its finest potential. All the Emmys it has garnered speak for themselves. Highly recommended.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Martin Sheen

DVD title: Pilates Complete for Everyone
Productgroup: DVD
Pilates Complete for Everyone - movie DVD cover picture
A great dvd

I still decided to get this DVD after reading some of the bad reviews that it did get, however, I'm glad that I did. Some said that the narrator's voice is annoying, it's not that bad. It can be overlooked. I was very happy with the DVD and would recommend it to anyone to buy. The only thing that I was disappointed with was that there was not as many workouts on here as it was said to have. However, it is still a good pilates DVD to buy.

Studio: Bodywisdom Media, Inc.

DVD title: Billy Madison
Productgroup: DVD
Billy Madison - movie DVD cover picture
Sandler At His Best

Adam Sandler is in the top five of all my favorite comedy actors and this is one of his best movies. Spoiled rich kid with no responsability who never graduated from high school. Sandler is at his best when acting a fool and he does plenty of that durring this movie. Bridgette Wilson plays one of his teachers ,as he goes back through school, and his love interest. I don't need to tell anyone who has seen Bridgette in a movie but she is beautiful, and not a bad actress. If you love silly then buy this movie.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Tamra Davis
Adam Sandler

DVD title: Gattaca
Productgroup: DVD
Gattaca - movie DVD cover picture

this movie is great. it was edge of your seat action

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Andrew Niccol
Ethan Hawke
Uma Thurman
Jude Law

DVD title: Trois:Escort
Productgroup: DVD
Trois:Escort - movie DVD cover picture
Classy "Urban" Film / Actually, it's more than an Urban Film

What can I say, this film threw me a serious curve ball. Although each trois film has gotten better, this one made a jump with great leaps and bounds. This was truly a film with class. Classy direction. Classy acting. Classy storytelling. I was expecting it to be like a lot of those straight to video movies, (and not just the urban ones, all those B movies across the board) but I appreciate that the makers of this series continue to move in the right direction. And who is this Director and Writer. They have these mysterious names. Skav One and Mr. Anderson. Regardless, they both surprised me, pleasently. This director opened the erotic film genre up to another level, in fact, instead of exploiting it, he made it human. And I appreciated how the story took it's time and let us like and understand the characters, instead of slamming them into the sack. And the stars -- That Madame gave a whole new meaning to pimping ain't easy. And Regan Gomez has grown into quite the leading lady. The gigolo was very good as well. Good Acting. Good Directing. Good Writing. Honestly, I think you'll probably be just as surprised as I was, if not more by this film.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Sylvain White

DVD title: Back to the Future - The Complete Trilogy (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Back to the Future - The Complete Trilogy (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
This is DEFINITELY for children!

To whoever said these movies aren't for children, you're wrong. I was only 6 when Back to the Future came out and I saw it at least 3 times, while it was in theatres, in the summer of '85. It would be a big mistake to steer kids clear of this movie (one of my childhood favorites). ...

Studio: Universal Studios
Michael J. Fox

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