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DVD title: The Prophecy 3: The Ascent
Productgroup: DVD
The Prophecy 3: The Ascent - movie DVD cover picture
A great Conclusion

being a big fan of this tril, I can honestly say this is about a thousand times better then the second one, though I thought it was okay, this is more deserving of the name... well worth the buy

Studio: Dimension Home Video
Director: Patrick Lussier

DVD title: 12 Monkeys
Productgroup: DVD
12 Monkeys - movie DVD cover picture
interesting time travel tale

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Terry Gilliam's vision of the world is very provocative and intriguing. The acting is great, the story is excellent, and this is probably Brad Pitt's best performance ever. I have both DVD versions - with and without DTS soundtrack. However, the non-DTS collector's edition has a glitch - when you press 'menu' key on the DVD remote during watching a documentary about the making of '12 Monkeys', the DVD player freezes and you have to shut it down, in order to return to the movie. I've tried this on 2 discs - mine and the other one, that I've rented from the video store. I have plenty of DVDs, and this is the issue with this particular movie. If someone had similar experience, please post the message, stating that. This way I know, that there's nothing wrong with my equipment. But again, the film itself is a real gem.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Terry Gilliam
Bruce Willis
Madeleine Stowe
Brad Pitt

DVD title: Bio-Dome
Productgroup: DVD
Bio-Dome - movie DVD cover picture
Oh so funny!

Oh this movie keeps me laughing for ever, If your a Pauly Shore fan, you should go see this, Pauly just makes this movied the best, if they had gotten anyone else to play Bud(the loser from Tuson), it would have sucked. He plays it so well, but it is so funny, Pauly rocks! And he is so cute to.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Jason Bloom
Pauly Shore
Stephen Baldwin

DVD title: Once Upon a Time in the West
Productgroup: DVD
Once Upon a Time in the West - movie DVD cover picture
Correct aspect ratio!

Don't worry. This DVD is great.It had an aspect ratio of 2.35:1 and is anamorphically enhanced for widescreen tv's. At least the region 2 edition is but I'm sure that Paramount wil release an indentically same edition in the USA. The picture is of amazing good quality, as is the 5.1 remastered sound. A complete version also and including a second disc with many extra's.One of the best dvd re-releases of all times!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Sergio Leone
Henry Fonda
Charles Bronson

DVD title: Rick Steves Europe Dvd:Italy
Productgroup: DVD
Rick Steves Europe Dvd:Italy - movie DVD cover picture
Perfect Italian Travel/Relaxation DVD

Eight Shows: This DVD contains eight complete "Rick Steves' Europe" TV shows on Italy, first broadcast from 2000-2005.

Running Time: 4 hours.

Join host Rick Steves on a four-hour grand tour through Italy in eight half-hour "Rick Steves' Europe" TV shows. In Venice, you'll drink-in great Renaissance art, cruise the canals, and enjoy easy side-trips to Padova, Vicenza, Verona and Ravenna. In Tuscany, you'll tour the great museums of Florence, explore medieval Siena and indulge in some silky-smooth Chianti wine. The tiny, relaxing port towns of Italy's Cinque Terre will make you want to renew your passport - and Rome will revive your interest in history, with visits to Caesar's Forum, the Pantheon, St. Peter's Basilica and an after-dark stroll down timeless, winding streets. Your Italian adventure wraps up in Sicily, where playful fishing villages, stunning Greek ruins and a volcanic visit...ends things with a bang.

Venice: Serene, Decadent and Still Kicking: Sorting through the monuments of magical Venice, we drink-in the art of Titian, Bellini, Donatello, and the Doge's Palace. We luxuriate in a venerable caf? on St. Mark's Square, and enjoy calamari with locals in a canal-side pub.

Venice Side-Trips: The Best of Veneto: Pulling on hip boots, we settle into the muck of the Venetian lagoon. Back on the mainland, we check out a chapel restoration in Padova, Palladian-style streets and villas in Vicenza, romance in Verona, and dazzling mosaics in Ravenna.

Florence: City of Art: We look into the eyes of Michelangelo's David, learn tricks for touring the Uffizi art gallery, and climb the amazing cathedral dome that kicked off the Renaissance. Then we chase the sunset on a Vespa, and sleep serenely in a converted monastery.

Siena and Assisi: Italy's Grand Hill Towns: In red-bricked Siena, we tour the town's innovative medieval hospital and lavish cathedral. Exploring the Chianti region, we sip Brunello di Montalcino-with its makers. In Assisi, we follow the footsteps of St. Francis.

Cinque Terre: Italy's Hidden Riviera: In these five idyllic port towns, we sample village life: fishing for anchovies at midnight, savoring the best pesto, picking grapes, and strolling the "walkway of love." We side-trip to Carrara's quarries, where Michelangelo selected his marble.

Caesar's Rome: Rome welcomes the new millennium spiffed up as never before. We tour Rome's ancient sights from the Forum and Colosseum to the glorious Pantheon. Then, after hiking the Appian Way and exploring the catacombs, we track down the best gelato in Rome.

Rome: Baroque, After Dark: After a pilgrimage to Michelangelo's Pieta, we climb to the top of St. Peter's Basilica. At the Borghese Gallery, it's exquisite sculptures by the master of marble, Bernini. Then we take an after-dark stroll, lacing together Rome's Baroque and bubbly nightspots.

The Best of Sicily: After going fishing with El Presidente off Cefalu, we land in rough-and-tumble Palermo. Marveling at the eerie skeletons in a Cappuccin crypt, airy mosaics of Monreale, enchanting ruins of Segesta, and the fiery rim of Mount Etna, we enjoy the best of Sicily.

Studio: Publishers Group Wes
Rick Steves

DVD title: Paulie
Productgroup: DVD
Paulie - movie DVD cover picture
This sassy bird will find a way into your heart!

When I first set down to watch this movie I wasn't sure it would be up my alley, I don't usually like animal stories where you hear the animals talking because, well, it is so [unrealistic]. But you know, parrots really CAN talk, which helped this movie have a great realistic feel to it, even though Paulie turned out to be much more, well, expressive than the average parrot! He is a sassy yet charming bird with an attitude that will have you in side splitting laughter! His story starts out with him living in a dark dreary basement in a cage by himself, and he is discovered by a man who wants to know his story. Paulie won't talk at first, but eventually tells the story of his life, from when he lived happily with his child friend Marie, and how he was taken away from her and then proceeded to try and find her and ended up with different people and adventures. "Paulie" is entertaining throughout with a very nice ending. I bought this movie for my collection since is such a nice family movie.

Studio: Dreamworks Skg
Director: John Roberts
Gena Rowlands
Tony Shalhoub
Cheech Marin

DVD title: Soldier of Orange
Productgroup: DVD
Soldier of Orange - movie DVD cover picture
Verhoeven Never Ceases To Amaze

Yet another amazing film from Paul Verhoeven with so much depth and weight I can't even tell you. Stays with you a long time after the film is over which many of his films have a tendency to do. Jeroen Krabbe gives an excellent performance as does Rutger Hauer in the leading role. Everything in this film is top notch particularly if you are in any way a fan of war films. So many great scenes (i.e. Alex and Eric's tango towards the end, "april fools day", vengeance on a bicycle, the beach scene and many many more.) See this as soon as possible. It would make a terrific double feature with the Young Lions.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Rutger Hauer
Jeroen Krabbé

DVD title: The Godfather
Productgroup: DVD
The Godfather - movie DVD cover picture
The Original Classic you won't be able to refuse!

Marlon Brando in his Oscar-refused role as the head of a Sicilian crime family. The biggest mob-film since "Little Caesar" and "Scar Face", and easily the very best of them all. Oscar-Winning production values include breath-taking location cinematography, a haunting score and the eerie love theme "Speak Softly, My Love", along with a spell-binding plot, will keep viewers hooked even before the opening credits. Followed by two sequels, both 5 star classics in their own right. Fans of the crime drama genre will delighted with this grand-daay of them all!*****

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Marlon Brando
Al Pacino

DVD title: The Exorcist (25th Anniversary Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Exorcist (25th Anniversary Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Strong Discretion for The Exorcist

Oh boy it truly scares me a lot! I must say...if you're brave enough to viewed this film go ahead...make your bones chills and please don't watch it alone when you cannot handle it's horrific elements!
Absolutely the best horror film ever made! My favorite all-time horror movie. No shattered bloods, no extreme cunning, no exagerrated's pure serious horror that will disturb you even when you are asleep. It's so freaky scary!!!! Linda Blair scares the hell out of me with her turning freaky head!Those 12 minutes deleted images surely will make you caught attended!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: William Friedkin
Ellen Burstyn
Max von Sydow
Linda Blair

DVD title: Gormenghast
Productgroup: DVD
Gormenghast - movie DVD cover picture
Poised to buy the DVD

The BBC's triumphant production of the first two books in the Gormenghast trilogy was a feast for the eyes, and a treat for those of us who delight in witty dialogue.I am eagerly awaiting my copy of the Gormenghast DVD (which I may be getting for Christmas, I hope, as I have dropped so many hints already).If I don't get it, I'll be back here to order.I think the widescreen format and digital quality makes this a must-have to fully appreciate the considerable artistry to be found in Gormenghast. I would encourage anyone out there who can to get the DVD instead of the VHS.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Andy Wilson (IV)

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