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DVD title: Uptown Girls
Productgroup: DVD
Uptown Girls - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutly have to see

I think that "Uptown girl" is a sweet mix of everything you would want to see. It's funny with a touch of tears, romantic..and well just GOOD. Brittany Murphy has become one of my favourite actress's through this movie; I feel that a good part of her acting is just her personality (except in real life she knows about the whole grownup role). As for "Ray"? "Flash News" she is absolutly fantastic .....i admire her!! (and that's all i can say) The reason this movie needs....yes yes NEEDS to be seen is just because the person infront of the screen never gets bored . Trust me when I saw this movie i was in the plane coming back from New York, and well a lot of times planes aren't the best theaters. Am I right? This movie has a message, and is not totally blahhh, and dull it shows a little bit of everywoman out there, the permanent conflict: To grow up? or not to grow up? and most of the times the little girl decides she wants to and vice versa. This "mixage" of fairy tale and harsh reality is fantastically produced!! CONGRATULATION Uptown girl crew: You have a winner!!

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Boaz Yakin
Brittany Murphy
Dakota Fanning
Jesse Spencer
Heather Locklear

DVD title: Footloose
Productgroup: DVD
Footloose - movie DVD cover picture
One of the many standout movies of the 80s

Ren (Kevin Bacon) is a city boy who has moved to a small town where rock music and dancing have been banned. Of course, since Ren is the new kid in town, he has some problems with some people accepting him and fitting in in general. But what bothers Ren a lot more than fitting in is not being able to dance or play music when he wants to. He then organizes a plan to try his best and convince the leaders of the town to have a dance in the high school for his senior year. But it won't be as easy as it sounds because Ren's main opponent is his girlfriend's father (John Lithgow), who is the town's pastor.
"Footloose" is a great all-around movie. I'm sort of surprised that I liked it because I myself don't like dancing, but this really is a good movie. Its plot and acting are well done, it's entertaining, and best of all, it has some great music. Another good thing about the movie is the speech that Ren makes concerning the dance, it's one of the best speeches ever in any movie. As a matter of fact, the Footloose soundtrack is the best soundtrack ever in my opinion, and it is just as classic as the movie itself.
"Footloose" was one of the movies that stood out in the 80s and it's still a standout and a great movie to watch today. I recommend anybody who likes great movies to get "Footloose."

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Herbert Ross
Kevin Bacon
Lori Singer

DVD title: The Third Man (50th Anniversary Edition) - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
The Third Man (50th Anniversary Edition) - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Worth every penny.

If all this movie had to offer was the Welles-scripted Harry Lime "cuckoo clock" monologue, then the movie would be worth having for that alone. However, this is a masterpiece of a film. Certainly worthy of being considered alongside the greatest of movies. This is also certainly one of Joseph Cotten's finest performances.
I have nothing but praise for Criterion's efforts in producing another of their excellent disks.

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Carol Reed
Joseph Cotten
Orson Welles

DVD title: A Midnight Clear
Productgroup: DVD
A Midnight Clear - movie DVD cover picture
A Most Unusal War Movie

'A Midnight Clear' tells the story of a small band of American GI's lumped together in an intelligence unit because of their high IQ scores. The characters are well rounded and show their intelligence as when one soldier recognizes the serious situation they're in when he spots 'SS' markings on a German half-track. This band of young soldiers is posted in a chateau to observe and wait for a possible Nazi offensive and report their findings back to their lines. The offensive comes, with great ferocity and in a terrifying scene shows just how it must feel to have a force of great violence bearing down on you. Then follows a strange pattern of events, mostly built around the fact that in these waning days of the war the average German conscript was more interested in staying alive than fighting. The movie takes many odd turns. Many good performances especially Gary Sinise as a soldier who suffers a breakdown and John C. McGinley as an arrogant Major that is such a creep he even steals the chains off the tires of the squad jeep when they're not looking. A tense psycological drama with dark humor and a memorable conclusion.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Keith Gordon
Peter Berg
Kevin Dillon

DVD title: Gosford Park - Collector's Edition
Productgroup: DVD
Gosford Park - Collector's Edition - movie DVD cover picture
Maggie is in Fine Form!

This is a new look at an old subject. English Society as seen from the view point of the household staff. The period dress, accents and furnishings are very close to authentic. Great movie watching if you are interested in background as well as the actors. Maggie Smith is in rare form and brings her wonderful timing to scenes that would not be funny without her.If you have trouble with accents, watch it twice. Each viewing brings fresh insight and better understanding. I recommend this movie highly.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Robert Altman
Maggie Smith
Ryan Phillippe

DVD title: The Matrix
Productgroup: DVD
The Matrix - movie DVD cover picture
completely strange

there is only one way to describe the matrix, and that is this: bizarre. everyone knows the story, so i won't bore you. this is one of my favorite movies.

Studio: Warner Studios
Keanu Reeves
Laurence Fishburne
Carrie-Anne Moss

DVD title: Psycho (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Psycho (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Great movie, one of Hitchcock's best.

Excellently balanced script. Hitchcock is crystal clear as a director. It never fails to surprise. The BW format probably makes it better. Best study of schizophrenia on film. Highly recommended.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Anthony Perkins
Janet Leigh

DVD title: Bob the Builder - Can We Fix It?
Productgroup: DVD
Bob the Builder - Can We Fix It? - movie DVD cover picture

Bob is our household hero. My son, who is 2 and a half, loves Bob and his crew... and their various adventures on this DVD. I even sing an altered version of the theme song when brushing teeth... it works wonders for cooperation. What we like best about Bob is that he is a great role model (even if he's made of some clay goop)... he's patient, kind, encouraging, and he has a great work ethic. What more could a parent ask for from a TV personality? And Wendy is a great side kick. She'd make a fabulous best friend... and I have to wonder, with the previous reviewer, whether or not Bob is ever going to get it together and state his intentions. Of course, my two-year-old does not care about this at all, which is probably a good thing.
Besides the fact that the cool British voices have been replaced by regular Americans, the only thing that bugs me, as a parent, is Lofty's lack of self-esteem. No matter how much praise and encouragement he receives in one episode, he's back to snivelling insecurity in the next ("can we fix it?... uh, I think so... maybe"). Maybe at some point, Lofty will be allowed to learn and grow from his experiences and not be so negative (I really don't think this 'problem' of Lofty's is necessary). My son, who is a sensitive little guy, always wants me to scan through the insecure bits. He loves Lofty (he has the Brio character) and hates to see him upset. Fortunately, DVD makes this very easy to do (of course, it means I have to be with him to watch it but that's okay).
The "Bob" shows outshine most other children's videos and "Can We Fix It?" is certainly worth adding to your child's collection.

Studio: Lyrick Studios

DVD title: Reservoir Dogs
Productgroup: DVD
Reservoir Dogs - movie DVD cover picture
Who let these 'dogs' out?

I've been studying movies for over a decade now and believe me when I say this that Tarantino is possibly one of the best or possibly the best director I have ever scene. He can take a mediocre plot and film it so beautifully that you get hooked onto the movie so badly you can't let go. "Reservoir Dogs" makes you feel like you actually know each of these criminals one by one.Now not seeing the movie may make you think I'm a little disturbed when I say this but the graphic violence and the ultra graphic language is part of why this movie is so great. It brings you into the atmosphere, I mean criminals actually act and talk like that. The acting of the convicts are so superb, Keitel and Busecmi (Did I spell that right?)Now this clever plot about a few guys pulling a heist and having an undercover cop in the works is pieced together and filmed very differently than other movies I've seen. It's quite interesting.I have been recommended to watch "Pulp Fiction" I hear its better, but who knows. Watch this movie for Tarantinos greatness in filming, he is a tad weird though I mean look at the ear scene, probably the most memorable "infamous" scene of the movie. This DVD has three alternate angles, I dont dare watch them (yuck!)

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Harvey Keitel
Tim Roth
Michael Madsen

DVD title: Underworld (Full Screen Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Underworld (Full Screen Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
fun for those who aren't vamp purists...

I don't get the negative reviews to this movie. I thought it was a great "dark action" movie. Not as bloody as most horror films but a bit more violent than most action films.
I thought the premise was enjoyable, the sets apropros' to the film-dark and moody. The fight scenes are great-I think it's wonderful to see a female lead that kicks butt and takes no prisoners. I was also glad to see a Vamp movie where they're not all weeping and wailing-"poor-me-I'm-a-cursed-vampire". Interesting that you never know who to root for, the vamps or the werewolves-so the ending is satisying.

Finally, face it, there are never enough cool werewolf movies! That's a major selling point right there:) AND Bill Nighy (Love Actually) as the head Vamp? So bad it's good!

As with any fantasy film-if you're willing to sit back, suspend disbelief, and enjoy a "thrill ride"-then buy this film. If you're a classical vampire purist then you probably want to skip it.

4.5 stars!

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Len Wiseman
Kate Beckinsale
Scott Speedman
Shane Brolly

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