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DVD title: A Christmas Carol
Productgroup: DVD
A Christmas Carol - movie DVD cover picture
A Christmas Carol Rocks!

Some have said the rest of George C. Scott's career pales against his portrayal of Gen George Patton. Though of vastly different content, this version of "A Christmas Carol" comes close in treating us to a consumate character performance. As much as I liked the Sim version while growing up, this version surpasses it. One almost feels as though he is allowed to peep through time at events as they would have happened in Dickens' actually, really watch characters as they lived the story. The cast, detail, and realism are enhanced by the color of this version...not a statement which can always be made of remakes of classics. The patina of time will only enhance film copies shown on TV.
The old standards must usually be pried from my fingers. In this case, I willingly let go of "A Christmas Carol"s past to embrace this version. It, as "The Wizard Of Oz" and a few other peerless movies, has become an annual viewing tradition in our family.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Clive Donner
George C. Scott

DVD title: Latter Days (Unrated Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Latter Days (Unrated Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
A Very Enjoyable Love Story!

This is an all-around superb film. A moving experience filled with real life emotion. There's lessons to be learned here about love, sex, work, religion and American culture regardless of one's sexual preference.

While this film is also a scathing indictment of the Mormon's (Church Of Latter Day Saints) belief system, any conservative faith could easily take its place. But it's a bit ironic that homosexuality is currently condemned by the Mormons in no uncertain terms. Here's a faith that mandated for generations that believers practice polygamy! And these true believers only gave up this practice because they were forced to by the Federal government. Talk about a unique form of hypocracy!

The sex scenes portrayed in the unrated version are tasteful, and surprisingly brief. There's nothing here that would offend anyone with an open mind.

What this film makes so obvious is that homosexuality is perfectly natural to people who are gay, as heterosexuality is to people who are straight! While love and sex are obviously quite different needs, its absolutely beautiful, beyond words, when both occur at the same time between two adults! Profound erotic love is one of life's most precious gifts! My congradualtions to the filmakers for a job well done!

Studio: TLA Releasing
Director: C. Jay Cox
Steve Sandvoss
Wes Ramsey
Amber Benson
Jacqueline Bisset
Mary Kay Place

DVD title: Star Wars - Episode I, The Phantom Menace (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars - Episode I, The Phantom Menace (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
It grew on me

I remember after seeing Episode I at the theater in 1999, I thought it was the biggest disappointment in cinematic history. At the time, the only actor/character I liked was Natalie Portman as Queen Amidala. The most poignant memory of the movie in my head was Ewan MacGregor delivering the corniest lines in the movie ("You were right about one thing, the negotiations WERE short") with an even cornier look on his face. I also remember disliking Jar Jar Binks, but not all that much.
After seeing and enjoying Episode II, my Star Wars interest was piqued again to a crazed level for the first time since fifth grade. So, I bought the Episode I DVD just because I didn't want to be missing any of the episodes in my movie collection. I watched it again, remembering how boring the podrace sequence was and how corny and cartoonish the big battle at the end was ... but then, I was surprised! I was genuinely enjoying the movie more than Episode II. The podrace was more exciting than I remembered, the CGI creatures and real life humans blended together seamlessly, corny lines from Obi-Wan were a generally miniscule part of the movie, and Jar Jar was almost likeable. I recommend giving Episode I a second chance, and make sure to watch it on the DVD.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: George Lucas
Liam Neeson
Ewan McGregor
Natalie Portman

DVD title: Die Hard 2
Productgroup: DVD
Die Hard 2 - movie DVD cover picture
This was great!!!!!!!

"Die Hard" has become the standard by which every action film made since 1988 has been judged and almost invariably found wanting. Films were sold in Hollywood on the basis of being reduced to such ideas as "'Die Hard' in a bus" (i.e, "Speed"). Of course another Hollywood tradition is to make a sequel of any successful film, so in 1990 Bruce Willis went back in front of the camera, this time with director Renny Harlin ("The Long Kiss Goodnight"), to do a sequel. "Die Hard 2: Die Harder" is not as good as the original, but it does have a self-reflexivity that (for the most part) makes this film work. Ultimately I would rate this at 4.5 stars, but by the standard of sequels that is an exceptional accomplishment, so I round up.
The plot for "Die Hard 2," which is more unsettling today than it was at the time, has a group of terrorists taking control of Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C in order to secure the release of a South American drug lord (Franco Nero) on his way to the United States for trial. If their demands are not met, they are going to start crashing the circling airplanes. Once again, John McClane (Willis) is in the wrong place at the wrong time, at the airport to pick up his wife, Holly (Bonnie Bedelia), who is on one of those circling airliners. McClane picks up on something wrong and when the airport cops refuse to take it seriously he starts pursuing it on his own, getting in deeper and deeper into the situation. Soon it is clear that what we have here is "Die Hard" in an airport.
As I indicated above, the self-reflexivity of the film works in its favor for the most part. The exception to this idea is when McClane repeats the "Yippie-kay-yay" line from the first film, albeit in a large context this time around, put the best example is when a bewildered Holly turns to her husband and asks "Why do these things keep happening to us?" Otherwise, throughout the film what McClane did at the Nakatomi Building comes into play as various characters either dismiss him out of hand or take him seriously because of his reputation. The first time around it was his anonimity that was one of his biggest weapons; this time his "fame" is a double-edged sword.
In many ways this sequel follows the original. But the scope has been enlarged as other parties besides the terrorists become much more problematic for our hero than they were the first time around. Plus, this time McClane gets to keep his shoes on, which is good because there is a blizzard going on in addition to the all the terrorist fun. Actually, there is probably too much going on, because "Die Hard 2" lacks the driving focus of the original. It also lacks as strong of a villain, with William Sadler's Colonel Stewart being restrained to the point of inertness. Granted, it would be hard to top Alan Rickman's Hans Gruber, but they certainly could have found something and someone that would have worked a lot better.
They could not work Reginald Veljohnson in for anything more than a cameo in this one, but the cinematic law of convenient coincidences finds William Atherton's slimy reporter stuck on the plane with Holly. Of the new members of the supporting cast Art Evans as Chief Engineer Leslie Barnes, who can come up with creative problem solving in an emergency, Dennis Franz as Capt. Carmine Lorenzo, the airport chief of security who has no use for McClane, Tom Bower as Marvin, who lives in the bowels of the airport with all of the maps, John Amos as the major from special forces who taught the bad guy everything he knows, and future senator Fred Dalton Thomas as the man in charge of the airport control tower.
In the final analysis despite the problems with this movie, especially in comparison to the original, it is Bruce Willis as John McClane who makes this work because he manages to keep his character as more or less a real person in extraordinary circumstances. He is not as strong as Stallone or Swarzenegger and he is not as smart as Harrison Ford or whoever is playing James Bond in any given year. But he has enough to get the job done. More importantly, I did not have the sense of disappointment that so often comes at the end of movies with this one, which is a pretty good bottom line for anything coming out of Hollywood. We will have to see what happens with the upcoming "Die Hard 4: Die Hardest."

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Renny Harlin
Bruce Willis
William Atherton

DVD title: Trigun Vol. 4 - Gung-Ho Guns
Productgroup: DVD
Trigun Vol. 4 - Gung-Ho Guns - movie DVD cover picture
Evil never sounded so SEXY

The Japanese voice talent for the evil man in this DVD is to die for. I'd love to meet this guy. If you must listen to the English the first run through, be sure to switch to the Japanese for second viewing. The Japanese voice talent is excellent -- the mood, the feeling, the experience is radically different. And even if you don't understand the words, you get so much more emotional connection to the character. Read the English subtitles if you must, but be sure not to miss the Japanese actors. A great action series, this DVD was one scene after another of firepower and action.

Studio: Pioneer Video

DVD title: Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella
Productgroup: DVD
Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella - movie DVD cover picture
Most memorable movie of my childhood!

I rented this movie for myself and my sister (35yrs and 42yrs respectively) this past weekend. Not only did we love it as much as in our childhood, my 5 year old daughter was completely charmed as well. If only studio execs realized this today! PLEASE send our message of desire for re-release!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Charles S. Dubin

DVD title: Peggy Sue Got Married
Productgroup: DVD
Peggy Sue Got Married - movie DVD cover picture
Adult version of Back to the Future

I first saw it when I was 8 and there're a lot of things I didn't understand about adult situation. Watching it again last week,I believe Peggy Sue has potential to change people's lives.We all wish we could turn back time but that's just impossible.So the best we can do is let's make every day counts.Start with buying this wonderful movie!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Kathleen Turner
Nicolas Cage

DVD title: Hedwig and the Angry Inch (New Line Platinum Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Hedwig and the Angry Inch (New Line Platinum Series) - movie DVD cover picture
Taken by surprise!

I saw this movie because a friend strongly recommended it. From the description, I didn't expect to like it and wasn't planning to watch it all the way through. But I hadn't even watched the first minute by the time I was completely hooked. The movie draws you in and keeps you going right up to the end. I'm not a rock fan, but the music was AWESOME. Beautiful art, great cinematography, powerful acting, and a deeply touching storyline.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: John Cameron Mitchell
John Cameron Mitchell
Miriam Shor

DVD title: WWE Backlash 2004
Productgroup: DVD
WWE Backlash 2004 - movie DVD cover picture
best backlash since 2001

every single match was freakin awesome cactus jack v.s. randy orton evolution banned from ring side was awesome randy orton scatterd tacs in the middle of the ring and mick foley slammed him right into the pile randy orton took a barbed wire and rammed it up against jacks face and mick foley through orton of the stage and then when the e.m.t.s. came foley elbow dropped orton from off stage and landed in the floor but in the end orton won.another good match was the handicap match chris jerico v.s.christian and trish stratus jerico won by beating the double crossing ho and beating his former best friend christian the coach defeated tajiri due to an interfearence the heavyweight championship was the 2nd best when beniot beat hhh and hbk in a triple threat match for the michales taped while triple h was out cold.this is a must have dvd.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

DVD title: Play - Us Against The World/About Play (DVD Single)
Productgroup: DVD
Play - Us Against The World/About Play (DVD Single) - movie DVD cover picture

this dvd is definetely a must for any teenybopper pop fan or play fan in general. it has the music videos for 2 awesome songs, one feauturing a very hott guy if i should say so myself!! :) u also get bios for the girls and extra photos. its actually a pretty good value for being under 10 bucks. i highly recommend it, along with the PLAY cd, out today!!

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

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