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DVD title: Gerry
Productgroup: DVD
Gerry - movie DVD cover picture
A Beautiful, Hypnotic Film

TOP TEN OF 2003:

1. Kill Bill, Vol. 1
2. 28 Days Later
3. Lost in Translation
4. 21 Grams
5. Thirteen
6. Gerry
7. The Last Samurai
8. Finding Nemo
9. The Shape of Things
10. Monster

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Gus Van Sant
Casey Affleck
Matt Damon

DVD title: Lucia, Lucia
Productgroup: DVD
Lucia, Lucia - movie DVD cover picture
A Labyrinth Well Worth Entering

Director Antonio Serrano obviously holds his contemporary Pedro Almodovar in high esteem: he has found the same sharp edge between reality and fiction, uses some of the same actors, and most important, satisfies his audience with a first rate product.
LUCIA, LUCIA is a tour de force for the brilliant actress Cecilia Roth. Cast as the wife of a man she barely knows after many year of marriage, a man who mysteriously disappears on the eve of their Latin American holiday vacation, Roth moves from dowdy plain-Jane to sensuous beauty in the course of the story. Roth (Lucia) is a writer of children's books - silly stories about chickens and ducks illustrated by a young artist (Adrian) who is not only intelligent but also very handsome and passionate (Kuno Becker, in a career-making role - he simply has it all.) From the outset of the film Lucia talks with us, her audience, admitting that she has just related fantasies rather than truths, versions of her life that are far more intriguing than her boring existence. When she discovers that her husband has been 'kidnapped' she gathers the forces of Adrian and of Felix, an elderly gentleman who lives in her apartment (the always fine Carlos Alvarez-Novoa). This unlikely trio starts on a caper that is at once funny and tender because it is through the absurdities they encounter that each finds himself and acknowledges their mutual love. Lucia manages to show us various scenes of the same incident, each colored by her imagination and her desire to be more than she is: she has a passionate affair with Adrian who is young enough to be her son, she manages to compensate Felix for this intelligence and guidance and his obvious love for her though he is old enough to be her father! In the end (and the end comes only after a well calculated intrigue that involves government corruption, hostage settings, etc) Lucia has found herself - 'discovering new places is viewing the world with new eyes' - and lives happily alone, writing serious novels.
The movie is in Spanish with English subtitles, is beautifully photographed and well directed and edited. But it is the powerful presence of Cecilia Roth that makes this movie sing. Add to that the magnetic gifts of the handsome and talented Kuno Becker and the grace and experience of Carlos Alvarez-Novoa and the result is a very gratifying - strangely bizarre - movie.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Antonio Serrano
Cecilia Roth
Carlos Álvarez-Novoa
Kuno Becker

DVD title: All About My Mother
Productgroup: DVD
All About My Mother - movie DVD cover picture
the power of the woman

Although many thought that this movie was ridiculous and hard to relate to, I admit that Almodovar really points out the strength women have in this film.
All men are after women, chase women and want to be women. Also the fact that a lot of the characters are so hard to identify with, makes the audience identify more with the only "normal" character Manuela.
This movie is full of symbolism and depth despite the surface of awkward relationships, etc...
highly recommended!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Cecilia Roth
Marisa Paredes

DVD title: The Last Dragon
Productgroup: DVD
The Last Dragon - movie DVD cover picture

This movie is by far one of the classics if you grew up in the 80s! I've seen this movie so many times I can recite it line for line right along with the movie. It is a true 80s flick with all the campiness and bad clothes (what were we thinking!?!?) you would expect from that decade. I agree with everyone elses reviews, this movie should be re-released!

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Michael Schultz

DVD title: Ilsa - She Wolf of the SS
Productgroup: DVD
Ilsa - She Wolf of the SS - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent DVD Presentation of Sleaze Classic!

ILSA makes it to DVD! And what a great presentation it is! The film has never looked better, clean, sharp, colorful, letterboxed and completely uncut (the full 96 minute version - previously only available on VHS from long-gone Videatrics). The film looks 100 times better than any of the previous VHS versions as well. Yes, it is a truly sick and sleazy movie and definitely not for all tastes, but you can't deny it's well-made and effective. Dyanne Thorne is one incredible villainess and the many torture scenes will satiate any jaded sleaze-horror viewer. The DVD also features the original theatrical trailer and has a full-length commentary track featuring director Edmonds, producer Friedman, Dyanne Thorne and some annoying humorist guy who moderates. Thorne is witty, friendly and smart --- her Ilsa persona is completely opposite. This DVD must have the most gruesome and vile menu screens ever on a DVD. Go Anchor Bay!

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Don Edmonds

DVD title: Night of the Living Dead
Productgroup: DVD
Night of the Living Dead - movie DVD cover picture
"Theyre ... Barbara, theyve been dead a long time.."

That line is part of the opening in this remake of the ole black n white Romero flick. I prefer this remake to the original. The make up is superb and there isnt a lot of gore. This is perfect flick for the entry level zombie or even horror fan. The character changes in the new are a welcome: Barbara bags a rifle, Ben, well, poor dude. The two zombies in the grave yard in the beginning are good enough to freak you out. This movie is better than the original. Its colorful and more convincing.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Tom Savini
Tony Todd
Patricia Tallman

DVD title: Love in the Afternoon
Productgroup: DVD
Love in the Afternoon - movie DVD cover picture

This is a charming movie with a lot of class and sophistication. The ending is so adorable it brings a tear to the eye. Surprisingly, the age difference between Hepburn and Cooper doesn't hinder the story all that much. Some cute little comic moments in it as well. A must see for the true Hepburn fan!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Billy Wilder
Gary Cooper
Audrey Hepburn
Maurice Chevalier

DVD title: Sesame Street Presents - Follow that Bird
Productgroup: DVD
Sesame Street Presents - Follow that Bird - movie DVD cover picture

This is another Awesome Movie that was done by the Great Jim Henson who also brought us the great creations like the Muppet's, The Dark Crystal. They don't make movie's like this anymore. It definately makes you think about how much we have that we just sometimes don't know about.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Ken Kwapis

DVD title: Confidence
Productgroup: DVD
Confidence - movie DVD cover picture
I don't understand

I don't understand sometimes why a movie as good as this gets swept under the rug and declared a bad movie because it did horribly at the box office. Ignore the naysayers and purchase this movie. You will not be dissapointed in this fast-paced narrative that not only is entertaining but makes you feel cool watching it.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: James Foley
Edward Burns
Rachel Weisz
Dustin Hoffman

DVD title: Hardware Wars - The Original Edition
Productgroup: DVD
Hardware Wars - The Original Edition - movie DVD cover picture
Send in the drones!

I haven't seen Hardware Wars in years, but I have to say it is still the ultimate Star Wars parody out there. Fluke Starbucker? Princess Anne-Droid? You don't get any better than that. You think those names are funny, wait until you hear the rest. A short short, but worth every second of it for certain. I'm waiting for Hardware Wars Episode 1. May the Farce Be With You!

Studio: Tapeworm
Director: Ernie Fosselius
Frank Robertson
Scott Mathews
Jeff Hale

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