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DVD title: Amelie
Productgroup: DVD
Amelie - movie DVD cover picture
A Beautiful Film

AMELIE IS THE BEST!!!! Craving a trip to Paris? Yearning to sip a latte on the Champs Elysees? Wishing you could wander the metro? Bank account statement say "$0"? Well have no fear! Watch Amelie!!! It's the closest to "being there". Best way to escape to Paris for the evening without leaving your couch!!! Bon Voyage!!!!

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Audrey Tautou
Mathieu Kassovitz

DVD title: Citizen Kane (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Citizen Kane (Two-Disc Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Orson Wells's Masterpiece

Orson Wells was already known for his written plays on radio, includeing the famous 1938 radio adaptation of War of the Worlds, but his first movie, as both actor,writer, and director is a simple American masterpiece, as Wells plays a powerful rich man who gets everything he ever wanted but was robbed of his childhood in the process. It's a movie that really pushed the envelopes of drama at the time it was made. It's an epic story that is very sad and moving. Citizen Kane has influenced almost every generation of film makers who have seen it. From Alfred Hitchcock to Steven Spielberg. It was also the first motion picture to have music composed and conducted by Bernard Herrmann.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Orson Welles
Orson Welles
Joseph Cotten

DVD title: Frank Herbert's Children of Dune (TV Miniseries)
Productgroup: DVD
Frank Herbert's Children of Dune (TV Miniseries) - movie DVD cover picture
What I think

If what you look for in a DVD is an mass amount of eye-pleasing scenes, beautiful acting, and a little taste of adventure, and if above all, you fall in love with science fiction, this DVD is for you. By writing Dune, and its other tales, Frank Herbert gives an interesting piece for directors and writers, along with their prospective audience to try and understand. Above all, in the case of Children of Dune, one needs to understand the plots and characters, along with their plight. From the Messiah, who in reality never wanted to be, Paul, to his son, battling with never having met his father, to the possesed Alia, possesed by the memory of Baron Harkonon, who she killed early on in life. Running together two books, Messiah and Children, could have proved disastorous, yet was better than I could have possibly imagined it, myself a Dune fan.However, in order to fully understand its complex plot and web of political intrigue, I would suggest reading the books Dune Messiah and Children of Dune.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Greg Yaitanes

DVD title: Dude, Where's My Car?
Productgroup: DVD
Dude, Where's My Car? - movie DVD cover picture
Dude, what a shibby movie, dude!

Granted, this movie is dumb. And at first glace, it makes no sense. But that's the whole beauty of it. No one said this movie was, um... thought provoking?
Jesse (Ashton Kutcher) and Chester (Seann William Scott), are two dudes with quite a vocabilary (sweet, shibby, and dude). Waking up one moring, they realize they don't remember what happened the night before, but it seems as though they got quite wasted! There's a lifetime supply of pudding in their kitchen, they have tatoos, a stripper (and don't ask if it's male or female- hard to tell!) gave them a suitcase full of money, and their girlfriends ("the twins"- Jennifer Garner and Marla Sokoloff) are pissed at them because they ruined their house and forgot their anniverary. No problem, right? After all, Jesse and Chester got them gifts. They'll just go to Jesse's car and get them. But whoops- where's the car, dude?
From then on, Jesse and Chester go on a wild chase after their car, a bunch of space dorks say they have to get the tran--- ("how can we find it if we can't pronoce it?!"), a bunch of "hot chicks", running away from lama's (or are they?), a chinese food take-out troubles.... wow, this movie is f-u-n-n-y! Isn't it?
The cast is great- Hal Sparks as Zoltan, Jennifer Garner and Marla Sokoloff as the twins, and Seann William Scott and Ashton Kutcher as Jesse and Chester. The movie also has some great tunes.
See this movie if you really want to laugh. See this movie at a party. See this movie with your friends. See this movie if you have a dumb sense of humor (like me). Just see it!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Danny Leiner
Ashton Kutcher
Seann William Scott

DVD title: The Notebook (New Line Platinum Series)
Productgroup: DVD
The Notebook (New Line Platinum Series) - movie DVD cover picture
BEST love story ever

LOVED this movie. it really got to both of us. U definitely need
to have kleenex handy. james garner most definitely should get an OSCAR for his performance in this movie.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Nick Cassavetes
Gena Rowlands
James Garner
Ryan Gosling
Rachel McAdams

DVD title: Chairman of the Board
Productgroup: DVD
Chairman of the Board - movie DVD cover picture
This is the 2nd best film ever made

The only other film that is better than this film id Citizen Kane. I don't understand why people say it was not good. You have to appreciate the comic genius of Carrot Top. This is Carrot Top at his best, This is the Carrot Top I love the one who does not appear in a 1-800-COLLECT commercial.

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Alex Zamm
Scott 'Carrot Top' Thompson

DVD title: Yoga for the Rest of Us with Peggy Cappy
Productgroup: DVD
Yoga for the Rest of Us with Peggy Cappy - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent yoga video

This is an excellent yoga video. It is easy to follow with good instruction and it is versatile for various body types and abilities. Highly recommend this video.

Studio: Wgbh

DVD title: The Maids
Productgroup: DVD
The Maids - movie DVD cover picture
The Cruelty of Longing

When I saw this film, I was pathologically attracted to the intense longing haunting each of the three main characters. Both Suzannah York and Glenda Jackson project an exquisite pathos that left me tingling with desire I've rarely experienced in front of a television set. Vivien Merchant glows with knowledge of the simple fact of her power over the lives of her filthy, animalistic subjects. She may be a mere mortal, and not royalty, but she nevertheless treats Solange and Claire with an insidious disdain that drives the film. She is one of the elect and they are...whatever, it isn't important.
Solange and Claire never complete their homocidal pantomimes with one another because they rely too heavily upon the pleasure inherent in the acts themselves. The rituals allow them escape and closeness that is otherwise denied them in their daily occupation as maids for an insensitive, psychologically cunning mistress.
Genet's play was based upon the case of the Papin Sisters, Christine and Lea. These were two incestuous sisters who worked as maids in Le Mans France in the early 1930's. Between them, they butchered both the woman of the house and her daughter. Christina dominated her sister yet cried out for her in prison.The psychological bond between Christina and Lea led no less a personage than Jacques Lacan to write about them just after the murders.
This film is a bit of a conceit, because the dialogue is far smarter than one would expect from such lowly creatures. Of course, the joy is observing the great care and tremendous fun that each actress has with the words. Indeed, words are poison teasingly administered in a game of protracted strangulation that needs no precise denouement to bring on the flowers of oblivion.

Studio: Kino International
Director: Christopher Miles (II)

DVD title: What Dreams May Come
Productgroup: DVD
What Dreams May Come - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent take on the afterlife...

Chris ( Robin Williams) and Annie (Annabella Sciorra) Nielsen are crushed when their two kids Ian (Josh Paddock) and Marie (Jessica Brooks Grant) are killed in an automobile accident. One year later, Chris and Annie are still trying to work through it. If things couldn't get any worse for Annie, Chris is also killed in an automobile accident as well. With her husband and two children gone, Annie does not want to go on living and kills herself. When Chris goes to Heaven, he is confronted by a younger version of his best friend Albert (Cuba Gooding Jr)who explains to him that he died and that he can make Heaven whatever he wants it to be. Unfortunately, he also reveals that Annie has gone to Hell for committing suicide. Chris refuses to accept this, and becomes determined to bring Annie back so that he can spend all of eternity with his wife and two kids.
There have been many films that deal with the afterlife. However, I feel that What Dreams May Come did the best job illustrating the afterlife and what it can be like. The special effects are amazing in this film when it comes to showcasing Heaven and Hell. The overall story is extremely powerful because of Chris's determination to save his wife Annie. The film shows that the bond between soul mates is hard to break. This is also an extremely emotional film as well. I was bawling like a baby througout he film, and I rarely cry when watching a movie. All of the main actors - Robin Williams, Annabella Sciorra, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Max Von Syndow do a fantastic job in their roles.
Overall, What Dreams May Come is an amazing film. All of the actors involved are wonderful, the story is very powerful and emotional, and the special effects create a stunning and creative version of the afterlife. The DVD is very affordable and features amazing picture and sound quality. There is also a making of documentary, an alternate ending, and more.
A solid 5 stars...

Studio: Usa Films
Director: Vincent Ward
Robin Williams
Cuba Gooding Jr.

DVD title: Two Women
Productgroup: DVD
Two Women - movie DVD cover picture
Great film....., disappointing picture and sound quality

Excellent movie. Sophia Loren was great. Unfortunately for such a remarkable film, the transfer of this classic was ridiculous!

Studio: Madacy Entertainment
Director: Vittorio De Sica
Sophia Loren
Jean-Paul Belmondo

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