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DVD title: The Witches
Productgroup: DVD
The Witches - movie DVD cover picture
5 starz!!!

i used to watch this film when i was a lil kid and i used to well like it! it was funny cos ma cousin got scared of the grand high witch! and anjelica housten does look quite fit in this- even though she is a witch!!! anyways it is a brilliant film for lil kids and i would even watch it now!! GO 4 IT! 10/10...

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Nicolas Roeg
Anjelica Huston
Mai Zetterling

DVD title: Baaba Maal - Live at Royal Festival Hall
Productgroup: DVD
Baaba Maal - Live at Royal Festival Hall - movie DVD cover picture
really good dvd

This is my favorite dvd,it is really worthy to buy it , you will love it.

Studio: Palm Pictures
Baaba Maal

DVD title: I Shot Andy Warhol
Productgroup: DVD
I Shot Andy Warhol - movie DVD cover picture
valarie rules

when i saw this film in the theater..i was intrigued as it stood to know alot about andy warhol..but even more so by valarie solanas..i was going thru a bit of a feminist activist phase for being a man and was prompted enough by this film to seek out the book "The s.c.u.m. Manifesto" and it is a quite fascinating read. The film is amazing and looks beautiful on dvd...I am also a great admirer of the talented lili taylor..what a babe ! regardless...if you dig warhol...feminism..and psychotics ..own this film

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Mary Harron
Lili Taylor

DVD title: Alias - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Alias - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
one of the best tv shows ever

This is a must buy...
Best Tv show on at the moment.People often mention Buffy the Vampire slayer and Angel as not being as good as shows as alias and X-files, people often forget that Buffy and Angel are for all people, young and all. Alias is not. Buffy is a very daring show. That's why a lot of people don't think it's in the same highed as shows like Alias.Buffy was in the shadow, because if it's stupid name.
Alias is a top show and have the best actress ever on it, Jennifer garner.
It's a must have show and If you loved BTVS/angel and the X-files. Then this is a must buy.
If it wasn't for BTVS, alias would never have been. We have everything to thank, buffy for. Course now we have strong female roles, finally on TV, That's because of Buffy.
Alias is simply amazing and is a top notch. And is a very realistic show as well.
BUY it NOOOOOOOOOOW!!! That's how good it is. I was just so blown away by this genius and brilliant show.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Jennifer Garner

DVD title: K-PAX
Productgroup: DVD
K-PAX - movie DVD cover picture

Sincerely, I didn't expect a surprise like this. I went to the theater expecting to see a typical entertaining film -I see all the Kevin Spacey's-. When I got out I had that taste in my mouth that only leave the really good films.
Magnificent interpretations, a solid script, a good direction and -in occasions- a splendid BGM is all you'll encounter in this film. I won't miss it.
Or, at least, that's my opinion...

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Iain Softley
Kevin Spacey
Jeff Bridges

DVD title: Kinsey
Productgroup: DVD
Kinsey - movie DVD cover picture
LIAM NEESON proves he is an ACTING GOD!

Should have won best actor for this role; hands down!

Great, innovative storytelling; other than completely avoiding that Kinsey was an Atheist, this movie hits a great balance of humor, storytelling, drama, documentary, and education. A work of film genius. In many ways much better than MDB and way beyond Avaitor. But this is not a PC movie by any means such that it was ignored by the Awarding Gods. Big Mistake!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Bill Condon
Liam Neeson
Laura Linney
Chris O'Donnell

DVD title: GTO - Transformations (Vol. 8)
Productgroup: DVD
GTO - Transformations (Vol. 8) - movie DVD cover picture

If you ever want to watch an anime with a great story line. Characters that can almost be real, this is the one! The storyline and the transition, humor and all other plots that come into this show are excellently done. I highly recommend that this show should be seen. But, to me you won't get a real flair for the character's personalities in this one unless you turn off the english dubbed voices. Just put the subtitles on, trust me its much better. The Japanese Onizuka sounds sooo much funnier. Highly recommended!!! It's a keeper. (Refering to the entire series)

Studio: Tokyopop Inc

DVD title: Abigail's Party
Productgroup: DVD
Abigail's Party - movie DVD cover picture
Black comedy at its very best...

Like "The Office" 25 years later, "Abigail's Party" is such perfectly targeted, close to the truth humour that it makes you laugh out loud and cringe with embarrassment at the same time. In a setting that represents everyone's nightmare of mid 70's middle class life it sucks you into its brilliantly drawn world and then leaves you as some sort of unwelcome voyeur in the cocktail party from hell. Like most of the people there, you want to get out but you can't, and as things go from bad to worse you end up totally transfixed by the sheer awfulness of the situation you find yourself in.

With characters whose lives are so desperately frustrating that real aggression lies only just below the surface, this is black comedy at its very best precisely because it's much too close to reality for comfort. You can't help but laugh but you know that you're laughing at these people and their tragically depressing lives, and by the "sting in the tail" ending you really wish you hadn't. Brilliantly written, directed and acted "Abigail's Party" is far more than a humorous period piece and, quite rightly, stands up there as one of the very best British TV plays of the past thirty years.

Studio: Water Bearer Films,
Director: Mike Leigh
Alison Steadman
Tim Stern

DVD title: Wizards
Productgroup: DVD
Wizards - movie DVD cover picture
Best animation of its time

The animation in this movie is still about the most vivid and compelling that I know of. It combines cel animation, processed photography, some beautiful hand-painted backgrounds, and more. This is late 70s film, so "processed" means optical processing with some hand-drawn enhancements - no computers. Still, today's effect-fests would be improved by a few of this movie's lessons in creating images that truly communicate.
The plot's depth encompasses one or two of the little marks on a ruler. It has the good and evil, spawned by the same birth. It has the small band of improbable but plucky heroes. It has the final showdown in the bad guy's stronghold. It's just good enough that it's not actually bad, but you won't spend much time on it's greater meaning.
This movie won't be for everyone. Try it, though - it may open your eyes to some of the 70s' best animation.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Ralph Bakshi
Bob Holt
Jesse Welles

DVD title: Robin Williams - Live on Broadway
Productgroup: DVD
Robin Williams - Live on Broadway - movie DVD cover picture
This Robin Williams DVD will make you lose weight..

You will laugh your [behind] off. We laugh so hard we cried...great new material...high energy. Watch it will a group of friends...not for the weak of heart.

Studio: Sony Music Entertain
Director: Marty Callner
Robin Williams

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