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DVD title: Fight Club (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Fight Club (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
5 stars to the film and 10 to the DVD

In my opinion, the film is abslutely the most interesting and intelligent movie that Hollywood managed to come up with for the last couple of years. Throughout the film, we watch really extraordinary ideas and suggestions keep coming; mostly about the society and modern life. It makes the viewers question their daily lives and obssesions, and ask themselves "Is this really necessery?". This is one of the many reasons that the film is not approved through the average Hollywood viewer who are so into the films with no discussions but a lot of action. The fact that couple of guys with guns in their hands didn't save the world at the end also helped. Besides the story; the directing, acting and music is some more of the points the movie is strong about. I believe Carter deserves extra credit for her work. And about the DVD, everything is just fine from the appearance to the extra stuff. Behind the scenes features in the second disk is really interesting and all the other material can keep you busy for hours. So if you are open to different ideas i say get this one before anything, because you will definately get your money's worth.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: David Fincher
Edward Norton
Brad Pitt

DVD title: Gettysburg (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Gettysburg (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Where do we go from here?

Gettysburg is by far probably the best Civil War movie ever made. I can't think a movie more quoted by fans of the Civil War and also a movie watched over and over again. Historically this movie follows a majority of the events at Gettysburg but fails to cover everything that happened at Gettysburg such as the Wheatfield battle, Cavalry battles and Culp's Hill. It is simply a movie based off of the book Killer Angels by Shaara. The host of famous actors in this movie and the filming is spectactular. Yes, this movie doesn't cover it all, but it is based from a fictional book that doesn't cover it all. Simply this movie has done quite a bit for educating people about the Civil War and also brought about more interest. It is a mainstay or "must have" for anyone who is interested in the Civil War.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Ronald F. Maxwell
Tom Berenger
Martin Sheen

DVD title: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Productgroup: DVD
Monty Python and the Holy Grail - movie DVD cover picture
A classic restored with superb additions.A+A+A+

"You can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you!!!!" O.k. King Arthur, what's your comeback to that?!?! This package is just the most wonderful "must have" for any Python fan. This two disc set has so much great additional material that you'll spend ages exploring it. Just to hear the Python boys themselves chortling through their own commentaries and background information is worth it alone. Nice to see it restored in the original Widescreen format as well.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Terry Gilliam
Terry Jones
Graham Chapman
John Cleese
Eric Idle
Michael Palin

DVD title: A Clockwork Orange
Productgroup: DVD
A Clockwork Orange - movie DVD cover picture
Stuck in my mind for much too long

I've never watched a movie that opened up so many questions for me as this one. I watched it on what one could call a lazy Saturday afternoon (!), but it soon was changed into something more than that. I just couldn't stop thinking about the movie, not the next day, nor for the week after that. I still wonder about its whole theme, its visual qualities, etc.
I agree, watching it on a Saturday afternoon is probably not the most ideal time... and watching it with someone who is offended at nudity (as I watched it with) isn't recommended, either. The scenes depicted within are not the nicest things to watch, even 30 years after they were originally filmed and pop culture has gotten more rowdy.
If you want to be totally perplexed to a movie, watch this.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Malcolm McDowell
Patrick Magee

DVD title: Gargoyles - The Complete First Season (Special 10th Anniversary Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Gargoyles - The Complete First Season (Special 10th Anniversary Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Simply Magnificent

One of the very best animation that ever exists and ever will. The characters, backgrounds are simply beautiful and unique. Voice acting is superb. A great array of characters, each with a well developped personality, psychology and culture.
Good for adults and children alike, supporting good morals, but also incorporationg fun action, drama, humour and alike.
A must :)

Studio: Walt Disney Home Entertainment

DVD title: The Waltons - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Waltons - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
wonderful world of waltons

I enjoyed this so much that I want to get every dvd for every year the waltons was on. So I can share them with all my grandchildred.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Richard Thomas

DVD title: Inu-Yasha - Special Limited Edition (Vols. 1-3)
Productgroup: DVD
Inu-Yasha - Special Limited Edition (Vols. 1-3) - movie DVD cover picture
Oh my gosh this is a good deal!!!!(by Kasem M. Abdullah)

NOt only is this a set a hot item, its a great way for you to find out if you want to spend your money and buy the entire series. You get to see the first 9 episodes uncut and subtitled if you want, or dubbed, and see if this is a series you want to get into. I did, now as soon as im done writing this im going to buy myself the first season because of this special boxset. Special features are also available, and as someone has all ready listed them in a review i wont waste your time listing them again...if your not sure of the this...then you'll know for sure. But if you want my advice...dont buy this and get the entire series instead...becuase i gaurentee you will love Inu Yasha.


DVD title: U2 - Elevation Tour 2001 - Live from Boston
Productgroup: DVD
U2 - Elevation Tour 2001 - Live from Boston - movie DVD cover picture
Exciting And Memorable

Is there possibly a bigger band in the world than U2? They remain as vital and productive today as they did in the 80's. Their albums continue to sell millions worldwide and their songs still become staples of popular culture. The Elevation Tour was a return to smaller-scale touring for the band, after the behemoth outings of the Zoo TV and Popmart tours. Bono is no longer The Fly here, he is just plain Bono and The Edge isn't dressed in psychedelic cowboy garb. Though the stage set is still stunning (it is composed of a giant heart that glows at times) and the lighting is equally evocative, what really stands out here is the music and performances. "Elevation" from the "All That You Can't Leave Behind" album opens with exhilarating flavor, it's a catchy melody with a driving guitar and Bono immediately grabs our attention. Hits like "Beautiful Day" with it's soaring chorus and "Until The End Of The World" with it's Biblical code and apocalyptic guitar follow. But do I really need to tell you about the songs? Probably not, it's a good bet those purchasing this disc already own the albums and know in detail just how wonderful the guitar melody of "With Or Without You" is. The performance here is what counts and it's great, Bono is thoughtful and jumpy while the entire band plays to their fullest. The camera work takes you into the concert, literally takes you into the crowd (Disc 2 has a ground level view option). The editing perfectly creates a mood for the songs, "Gone" for example is shot with exhilarating flavor which is of course enhanced by the almost psychedelic lighting of the concert. Memorable moments include Bono's new raps during "Bullet The Blue Sky" and a Ramones cover, not to mention a more stripped-down, crowd-gathering version of "Desire." There are a few missing standars one wishes were present such as "Mysterious Ways" and their "Even Better Than The Real Thing." All in all, "Live From Boston" serves as a memorable record of one of U2's most professional, intimate tours.

Studio: Uni/Interscope
Director: Hamish Hamilton

DVD title: Like Water for Chocolate
Productgroup: DVD
Like Water for Chocolate - movie DVD cover picture
Salud to Alfonso Arau & Laura Esquivel!

Saw this movie years ago. Was taken by the muting of the voices of young women by culture. The film is rich in cultural expression and symbolism, however, that density of cultural protocol exhibits the limits...sometimes very limiting expressions of a personal sexual culture. I loved the passion/burning/fire and it all consuming characteristics. A passion I want only to enjoy vicariously. Ohh, the utility of art!

Studio: Miramax
Director: Alfonso Arau
Marco Leonardi
Lumi Cavazos

Productgroup: DVD
THE KUBOTAN - D - movie DVD cover picture
Simply the best

You could use the technics in stress situation without to deliberate what to do.

Director: Y. ISHIMOTO

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