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DVD title: Guilty by Association
Productgroup: DVD
Guilty by Association - movie DVD cover picture
5 star crap

hahahahahahahahahaha! anybody with a great sense of humor would love this movie. omg, the little girl acting like she was dead on the slide....and still smiling...hahahahahahaha. Why the fcuk was Morgan Freeman in this movie. Why LORD!!!!

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment

DVD title: The House of the Spirits
Productgroup: DVD
The House of the Spirits - movie DVD cover picture

I love this movie! It has a stellar cast, who give top notch performances. How can you go wrong with Jeremy Irons, Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Antonio Banderas, Winona Ryder, Vanessa Redgrave, and Armin Muehler-Stahl? The answer is that you can't. It is a riveting piece of film making, based loosely upon Isabelle Allende's wonderful book of the same name.
The film delicately captures the mysticism of the book, rendering those scenes in which such is the focal point highly believable. This is no mean feat given the subject matter. The story takes place in South America. The saga begins in the nineteen thirties.
Vanessa Redgrave and Armin Muehler-Stahl play the wealthy and liberal parents of two daughters, Rosa and Clara Del Valle. Rosa is the beautiful, older daughter. Clara, played by Meryl Streep's real life daughter, is a lovely child with exceptional, psychic gifts. Jeremy Irons plays the part of Esteban Trueba, an impoverished young man in love with Rosa. Vowing to make his fortune in order to marry her and provide her with the comforts to which she is accustomed, he succeeds in making his fortune. He loses Rosa, however, before being able to marry her, when she drinks poisoned wine intended for her liberal party father.
Esteban, broken hearted, leaves with his fortune and buys an estancia, where he sternly rules with an iron fist over the peasants who work the land for him. They obsequiously refer to him as "Patron". He takes what he wants, even the women, with the expected result. He has a bastard son whom he does not acknowledge.
Esteban has a spinster sister, Ferla, well acted by Glenn Close, who, for the past twenty years, has lived a grim existence in the city with their ailing mother, whom she has taken care of. When their mother dies, Esteban, now a bitter and lonely man, returns to the city from his estancia to attend his mother's funeral. In doing so, he spots Clara, who is now all grown up and ethereally portrayed by the very talented Meryl Streep. Not wasting a moment, he goes to her home. She, luminous, and mystical, already knows that he is there to ask for her hand in marriage and happily accepts. After all, she has loved him ever since she first saw him all those years ago.
Clara lovingly embraces his sister, Ferla, into the bosom of her househould, when they move to her Esteban's estancia. Ferla blossoms from a bitter old maid into a companionable and pleasant woman, under Clara's warmth. Esteban and Clara eventually have a child, Blanca, who grows up playing with Pedro, the son of the estancia's indigenous indian foreperson. When Esteban discovers this, he sends Blanca away to boarding school. He does not want his daughter fraternizing with the peasants.
Clara, loving and pure of heart, is his exact opposite. When their daughter finally grows up and returns home from school, she knows that the independent Blanca, well played by Winona Ryder, has fallen in love with her childhood playmate, Pedro, passionately portrayed by Antonio Banderas. Esteban hates Pedro, as Pedro is a liberal inciting the peasants to unionize and demand their rights, whipping them into a frenzy against the "Patron", or so Esteban sees it. He drives Pedro off his land. He also drives Ferla off, as he believes her to have unatural feelings for his wife, Clara. Possessive to a fault, he is consumed by jealousy. Clara and Esteban have a fight over his cruelties, and she finally leaves him, taking Blanca with her to the Del Valle family home in the city.
Meanwhile, life goes on. Blanca, pregnant by Pedro, has his child, believing that Pedro has been killed by her father. Esteban, representing the wealthy, becomes senator. He reigns for years, until the liberals win power. When they do, however, their tenure is short lived, as a militairy coup sets up a reign of terror and his old sins come home to roost. Meanwhile, Blanca discovers that Pedro is alive, and they joyously hook up again. When Blanca is picked up as a political dissident and tortured for her political views, Esteban, old and broken, is now just a bit player in a larger arena. Too late, he tries to right some wrongs. Some of the wrongs, however, can never be righted.
This is a magnificent, multi-generational family epic, that holds the viewer in its thrall. While it only loosely follows Isabelle Allende's wonderful book of the same name, it is a winner in its own right. It has something for everyone, as it deals with human nature, as well as the complex emotions, forces, and events that shape one. The film is about a family struggling to find its place in our ever changing world, and the relationships that each member of that family forges. It is a rich and vibrant tapestry, which succeeds in capturing the viewer.

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Bille August
Meryl Streep
Jeremy Irons

DVD title: Scream Trilogy - Boxed Set
Productgroup: DVD
Scream Trilogy - Boxed Set - movie DVD cover picture
You can't just watch one

The scream trilogy is an actual trilogy. There a story that runs through all three movies. These movies have humor, catchy lines and great characters. I usually don't bother with horror but after I saw the first Scream, I liked it. I like it even better that there were more with a story that runs through each of them. You have to watch them all in order. The Scream series also take some pokes at horror films in general with its tongue in cheek approach. Finally not all of the characters are unbelievably stupid. You can't watch just one. You have to watch them all. Those are the rules.

Studio: Dimension Home Video
Neve Campbell

DVD title: Clerks (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Clerks (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Ok this movie was the BEST

Ok what is with you people who are giving this only 4 stars just because of the camera work and its balck and white?? Would you people just watch the ... movie instead of critsizing every possible flaw?? I mean i am starting to wonder if you people pay attention to the actual movie like the plot and humor and stuff or if you just watch and sit there and pay attention to how the camera is being worked or what color it is!! Does it really matter?? Was the script good?? Were the actors good?? well if they were then why in the hell are you so worried about the camera work and color?? Thsi movie was one of the funniest movies i have ever seen!! The acting was just great and the actors actually seemed like what they were playing in the movie was their actual life. You couldnt even tell if they were acting or just going about their normal lives!! well i own this movie and have watched it so many times and yet everytime i watch it it still leaves me laughing so hard at the end

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Kevin Smith
Brian O'Halloran
Jeff Anderson

DVD title: Angel Heart
Productgroup: DVD
Angel Heart - movie DVD cover picture

Alan Parker creates a classic film noir mystery that morphs into a gothic nightmare in slow and subtle ways. Rourke plays a private detective, Harry Angel, hired by a cryptic clent (De Niro) to track down someone whom he claims owes a debt to him. As Angel follow this person's trail through New Orleans his world starts to unravel around him. He starts to experience strange and frightening visions and finds himself involved in the local murder investigations of people whom he interviewed trying to track down his mark.
Jazz... Voodoo... Atmosphere. Alan Parker is meticulous and deliberate about every aspect of this film's composition. Beautiful cinematography and a great cast round out this incredible thriller.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Alan Parker
Mickey Rourke
Robert De Niro

DVD title: Bad Lieutenant
Productgroup: DVD
Bad Lieutenant - movie DVD cover picture
Gambler Thief Junkie Killer Cop ...

Cult filmmaker Abel Ferrara has been a director who has tackled many tough themes throughout his career. His films are often raw, gritty, and extremely realistic (not to mention graphic and disturbing). Although "Ms. 45" and "The King of New York" are undeniably masterpieces, "Bad Lieutenant" stands out as Abel Ferrara's best and most realized film.
"Bad Lieutenant" is one of the most important movies that you will ever see. It's the kind of film that will force you to put your life in perspective. But it's also the kind of movie that will disturb you. However, there's a fine line between a film being gratuitous and being honest. "Bad Lieutenant" is not a dirty movie, but rather an important film that is essential viewing to fans of offbeat and visceral character portraits. The story is rather simple, yet it leads into more complex grounds for discussion.
Harvey Keitel, who gives the greatest performance of his life, plays the title character. He's probably the most corrupt cop you'll ever see. He does many things that viewers might find appalling and disgusting. However they do have a purpose.
This is not a mindless cinematic exercise in mayhem, but a character study of a physically, emotionally, and mentally drained individual. Viewers who expect to see dramatic shoot-outs and buckets of blood will be disappointed - this is not an action movie. Director Abel Ferrara shoots this picture with the feel of a documentary - limited music, shot on location, realistic pauses in the action, and a sharp touch of reality that many viewers won't be able to stomach. Some of the scenes are done with such little "movie window dressing" that it looks like you're actually watching the events unfold on the city streets.
The subplot involves a nun who (in the movie's most disturbing and graphic scene) gets raped by two young men. The Lieutenant (he's never given a name, further emphasizing his loner status in society) is assigned to the case, but the nun refuses to name her assailants. The whole idea that the nun can forgive these men for such a horrible crime leads the Lieutenant to believe that there might be redemption in store for him. There's more to the story, but the less you know, the better. It's also important to note that the ending rings true to the rest of the story, and is probably the most powerful scene in the film.
The film is rated NC-17 for scenes of drug use, nudity, language, rape and violence. In fact, it's hard to imagine what they didn't include in this movie. If you're planning on seeing it, make sure you go into the film with an open mind. However, don't make any illusions to yourself... this is an extremely explicit film.
You'll either love the movie or hate it, with very little room for a neutral reaction. This is an experience that you won't likely forget. Highly recommended!

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Abel Ferrara
Harvey Keitel

DVD title: The Trip
Productgroup: DVD
The Trip - movie DVD cover picture
Best Movie I've Seen in a Long Time (any genre!)

What an incredible movie! It works on so many levels: Gay Romance, Road trip movie, Comedy, and 70's Period piece.With the exception of the also excellent Beautiful Life, there aren't that many gay themed movies out there that can be considered truly romantic. The Trip totally delivers on that.The acting is superb. Larry Sullivan can make you fall on the floor laughing one second and break your heart the next. He's one of the best actors I've seen in years and I hope he continues finding success. Steve Braun is equally impressive. He's got that Brad Pitt thing going on but he's more than an imitation. He owns this role and is extremely convincing in the evolution of his character.Another great talent to emerge from this movie is first-time writer/director Miles Swain. I can't wait to see what's next from him.I highly recommend this movie to everyone (gay, bi, straight - whatever). It's an emotional journey that everyone should go through.

Studio: TLA Releasing
Director: Miles Swain

DVD title: The Little Mermaid (Limited Issue)
Productgroup: DVD
The Little Mermaid (Limited Issue) - movie DVD cover picture
I couldn't buy it from you

I was ready to buy it from you and a note came up saying it couldn't be shipped to Central America. I don't understand why, I can see DVD's from zone 1 and zone 4. I always purchase movies from you, I recently purchased Shrek 2 and Aladdin, which I am expecting to come soon. Please! let us get them here, the same happened with 2 computer games from the learning Company I wanted for my daughter.

Studio: Disney Studios
Jodi Benson
Samuel E. Wright

DVD title: The Slaughter Rule
Productgroup: DVD
The Slaughter Rule - movie DVD cover picture
Watch this with someone you want to know REALLY well

Starring Ryan Gosling (MURDER BY NUMBERS) and David Morse (THE LANGOLIERS), this movie is a *must see* - it's a bittersweet drama about how lonely people deal with loss and vulnerability.
The writers/directors of THE SLAUGHTER RULE are Andrew and Alex Smith - two brothers from Montana who workshopped this script at Sundance. In fact, THE SLAUGHTER RULE was up for Sundance's Grand Jury Prize. The kernel of the script came from their own high school experiences where every boy snickered that the coach was rumored to be gay. Though they never found out if that was the case, the Smiths were haunted by the fact that they dismissed the coach that easily based on school rumor and inuendo.
Gosling plays Roy Chutney, an affable high school student in a small Montana town where there isn't much to do except drink, play football and go to the local bar. In the beginning of the movie, he loses his father and is cut from the varsity team. The combined losses hit him very hard but he is soon recruited to play 6-man football by a local never-do-well, Gid (Morse) who has his eye on Roy. The term "slaughter rule" is apparently a football term where a game is lost if the opponents are too far ahead in points.
This is a fascinating and touching film about small town life and about loneliness. We're asked to accept Gid for what he may or may not be - a lonely older gay man who's only joy in life is to coach football. We're also asked to accept Roy for what he is - a teenager with a world of problems and yet no one is cutting him any slack.
The real star of this movie is Ryan Gosling. Ever since his breakthrough performance in last year's critically-acclaimed but little-seen Neo-Nazi drama, THE BELIEVER, critics have only had a chance to notice his talent in the flawed MURDER BY NUMBERS. In fact, Gosling and his co-star Michael Pitt were the only good things about the Sandra Bullock 'by-the-numbers' murder mystery.
One good way of judging a performance is to imagine if any other actor could play that role - or, how would the movie be different with someone else. In THE SLAUGHTER RULE, this is easily Gosling's best performance. Here he is, a high school student (say 17), who has to deal with his father's death, school traumas, an aloof mother, an unsympathetic girlfriend (Clea Duvall) who just wants to get out of town. His only 'father figure' is his coach who borders between being too close which in turns makes Roy worry about his own sexuality. It's an incredible emotional barrage but Gosling handles the part poignantly - as an angry teen, as a sensitive young man, and finally as someone who earns some maturity and wisdom.
David Morse, a familiar character actor, shines as Gideon, an older man with a melancholy past. His performance is a careful counterbalance to Gosling's confused and vulnerable young man. Gid is a man who has had a hard life but knows what he wants.
Two incredible and outstanding scenes in this movie (and there are many wonderful moments) - one is a line-crossing confrontation between Roy and Gid (I can say no more but everyone in the audience was hyperventilating with the tension in the air) - and the other is a smart bedroom scene between Roy and his girlfriend when he looks to reassure his masculinity but is instead taught a bracing lesson about intimacy.
Set in Montana, THE SLAUGHTER RULE also uses music to great effect - the sort of crooning that enhances the loneliness that big open spaces have. Cinematography is icy-crisp. Editing is a little rough in the beginning of the film, but overall THE SLAUGHTER RULE is a wonderful debut film for the Smith brothers and a powerful new additional to Ryan Gosling's successful transformation from child actor (MMC, Young Hercules) to mature actor. How good is Gosling? Last year, I went to vote for Jake Gyllenhaal at the IFP awards. I saw THE BELIEVER and voted for Gosling instead. He's that good!
THE SLAUGHTER RULE will unfortunately be a small indie film release, but look for it in your art house theaters and later on video. It's a wonderful experience you won't soon forget.

Studio: Sundance Channel Home Entertainment

DVD title: Immortal Beloved
Productgroup: DVD
Immortal Beloved - movie DVD cover picture
They got Beethoven's spirit right!

OK, this movie does take liberties with the facts and engages in quite a bit of historical conjecture however, they got the most important part about Beethoven right: his indefatigable spirit! This beautifully shot and acted film achieves something that is rare in musical bio-pics, that is, it manages to communicate why Beethoven has continued to inspire generations of music lovers. That he could write the transcendant glory that is the Ninth Symphony after what he had suffered through in his life is a marvel that is brought vividly to life by Gary Oldman and the writer and director of this film. Sure, it would have been better to get the straight poop on Beethoven's life but you just have to forgive a movie that is so beautifully well done and so rapturously uplifting. I urge you to see "Immortal Beloved" -even if you're not a Beethoven fan, it may just convert you.Highly recommended

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Bernard Rose
Gary Oldman
Jeroen Krabbé

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