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DVD title: Secret Window
Productgroup: DVD
Secret Window - movie DVD cover picture
5 and a half?

First off, let me tell you that this is my favorite movie, I have no idea how it got any bad ratings at all, I truly and honestly don't. Well, I guess one possibility would be that they don't understand it, but that's only because it has a very elaborate, complex plot, and an amazing one at that. It's creepy enough to keep you awake, it is definitely suspensful enough to keep you entertained, it even has one short fight scene, and on top of it all, it has a few humorous scenes as well. You just cannot go wrong with this movie.

Studio: Columbia Tri/Star - Preorder
Director: David Koepp
Johnny Depp
John Turturro
Maria Bello

DVD title: Monument Ave.
Productgroup: DVD
Monument Ave. - movie DVD cover picture
An underrated gem that should've gotten more notice

Monument Ave. is probably one of the best films I have ever seen. Instead of the Hollywood happy ending, we have a dark and grim tale of family morals and the loyalty between being a stand up guy and a family man. Denis Leary proves he doesn't always have to play piss and moan roles and he's at his best as the reluctant Bobby. The cast is excellent with Colm Meaney as a remorseless crime boss, Ian Hart as Bobby's energetic friend, Famke Janssen as Bobby's girlfriend, and the rest of the cast are in top form. Director Ted Demme manages to get down to the bare nub of the script with the Boston accents and attitudes. This film definitely should've gotten more notice. Grade: A-

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Ted Demme

DVD title: 500 Nations
Productgroup: DVD
500 Nations - movie DVD cover picture

I have always had a desire to hear bout our native peoples/culture and history. This DVD was very enlightening. Most movies are written by others about the Indian nations. This brought so much insight of the history and their fight/plight they have had to endure through out time. It has opened my eyes to new facts and information which I had very little knowledge. I feel its a must see if you have any desire to know the history of the indian nations which has been portrayed by Hollywood and others as "savages" and wild. I always have had a lot of respect for the native americans. Now I have a much more rich knowledge and a deeper respect for these proud people. Its a must see for sure.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Jack Leustig

DVD title: Chuck Norris' Private Lesson
Productgroup: DVD
Chuck Norris' Private Lesson - movie DVD cover picture
Professional yet personal

This video with Mr. Norris is exceptional. The techniques are not so difficult and the equipment required is not a room full of exercise equipment, but something that EVERYONE has....a chair! This video is for EVERYONE! My children are also learning these self defense techniques! Thank you Mr. Norris! Thank you Amazon for selling it at an affordable price!

Studio: Image Entertainment

DVD title: Rosemary's Baby
Productgroup: DVD
Rosemary's Baby - movie DVD cover picture
rosemary's baby

this is where it all started in my opinion. Everything was done to perfection. The big bonus for me was the music. It never fails, the horror scoring in the 60's, and 70's when done correctly [mind you] sends shivers done my spine. I can only image what the presentation would be like in drive inn's. If you are politically correct about horror elements, you just might like this movie. I adore it, and believe it would be a timeless classic to all horror fans.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Roman Polanski
Mia Farrow
John Cassavetes

DVD title: The Carry On Collection
Productgroup: DVD
The Carry On Collection - movie DVD cover picture

If you like "Are you being served" then you will love the Carry on films, Mike Myres in his own addmittion grew up on Carry on films which is so evident in his Austin Powers movies. Basically the films are full of toilet humour, innuendo and [junk], which in the UK is described as seaside postcard humour. All I can say is Carry on's are a British institution of which the actors were and still are house hold names (even though most are dead) so politically incorrect that if they were made today would be banned, as in "Are you being served" only in the seventies could you get away with Mrs Slocombes (...). Any way my personal favourites are Carry on camping and Carry on abroad, and if you want to get in to the minds of typical English humour give them a go. In association with this it is worth buying the "Kenneth Williams diaries" available from Amazon, its his own journals steming back 40 or so years and you can read exactly what he thought of the Carry On films and his co stars, you'd be suprised.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain
Sid James

DVD title: Wild Strawberries - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Wild Strawberries - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
A Classic Masterpiece, Completely Pleasent To Watch

I wasn't familiar with Ingmar Bergman until I watched this incredible, astonishing masterpiece of the 50's. Wild Strawberries tells the story of Isak Born (interpretated by Victor Sj?str?m, in a very memorable acting),long-time medical professor, who is about to receive a honorary recognition of his work from his former university. The story unfolds and focus more during his travel to the university, in which he turns to learn more about himself and his keening manners and thoughts, not to mention his remembrances and the people he meets, offering them a free ride for their destinations. He also has to deal with his son's ruined marriage, due to a unwelcome child.
Bergman gives a very humanist view here, discussing themes such as the human science against divine beliefs (God), death and loneliness, all together with some escaping irony and sarcasm.Something I find pretty interesting to mention is that he everything he dreams, he consider them as "messages". Sigmund Freud once said that purpose of dreams are to notice situations or discomforts. Despite interpretations, this movie is good as hell. Or as God. Or as human science

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Ingmar Bergman
Victor Sjöström
Bibi Andersson

DVD title: Always Outnumbered
Productgroup: DVD
Always Outnumbered - movie DVD cover picture
Understated Brilliance

I would highly recommend this movie for children (teenagers especially) be they black, white, hispanic, asian, etc... There is much to be learned about dignity, responsibility, repurcussions, courage, compassion, friendship, reality, conscience, the subtleties of racism, respect (for oneself and others), and character from this fine, fine film.
The movie is not slow. It just doesn't spoon feed all of its' poignancy to the viewer. Unfortunately, it requires the viewer to have a context from which the stories' relevancy can be discerned. The movie is extremely subtle and requires both life experience and intelligence to appreciate. I found it to be particulary engaging (if not action packed) and compelling.
Most american movies only point is to promote indiscriminate sex, violence, and stupidity as desirable goals. So to be presented with a story that actually requires you to think and reflect is nearly a miracle.
And I don't think i've ever seen a movie that utilized so many cameo appearances in such an effective manner.
If you liked this one I highly recommend that you check out NBC's Homicide which offers up similiar quality.
HBO is to be commended as usual. It's just too bad that they don't only show their own (HBO production) movies

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: Michael Apted
Laurence Fishburne
Bill Cobbs
Natalie Cole
Laurie Metcalf

DVD title: Fall
Productgroup: DVD
Fall - movie DVD cover picture
what if i told you i was the kind of guy who loved this movi

I stumbled on to this film on the sundance channel one night and it really hit home. Anyone who has loved someone who they never thought they could be with, only to be with them, and then loose them knowing you were ment to be together;;; would understand this film. any one who has info re: obtaining the soundtrack, please email me with info.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Eric Schaeffer

DVD title: Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Never looked or sounded better

One warning: THESE MOVIES ARE VERY LOUD. The THX is mesmerizing but the soundtrack is loud especially if you have surround which my husband and I do. The pictures are clear and crisp, and the transfer to DVD was better than i expected. But, Lucas has the technology to do whatever he wants. We finally have these 3 classic films on disc and in a cool carrying box. Excellent work Lucasfilm and Skywalker Sound!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Harrison Ford

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