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DVD title: The Incredible Hulk - The Television Series Ultimate Collection
Productgroup: DVD
The Incredible Hulk - The Television Series Ultimate Collection - movie DVD cover picture
5 Stars but,,,,,

Like it has said many many many times in here, where is the COMPLETE seasons? I only gave it 5 stars because it is the hulk, and the hulk ruls. Like others have said, stupid shows like Murder She Wrote, Punky Brewster, and Sledgehammer get complete season DVD's, but not the Hulk. What I think is that the Hulk DVD was kinda a "pioneer" when it came to this. It seems like DVD's that followed came with complete seasons, so the Hulk got the short end of the stick when it came to this.

Studio: Universal Studios
Bill Bixby

DVD title: Little House on the Prairie 4-Pack
Productgroup: DVD
Little House on the Prairie 4-Pack - movie DVD cover picture
Great Collection at a great price!

If you like Little House on the Prairie, then this is an excellent collection. We payed $... each at Best Buy and thought we were getting a good deal! I highly recommend this collection.

Studio: Good Times Home Vide
Michael Landon

DVD title: King Arthur (PG-13 Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
King Arthur (PG-13 Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Finally getting it right!

Clive Owen and Ioan Gruffudd fans you will not be disappointed. This version of a tale many times told - is finally the one I think people with a romantic sense of honour will revel in. Or to put it bluntly the way I always wished it to be shared. In the past this beautiful story has been shaded by the affair between Lancelot and Gwenivere. As a child growing up on the heroics of Arthur, the magic of Merlin and the unwavering loyalty of the men of the round table - I found it hard to believe that Lancelot would betray Arthur in such a way or that Gwenivere would cheat on a man whos ideals so many people sacrificed thier lives for. It just didn't click. In this remake though Lancelot seems to have a roaming eye for the fair maid it is indeed his love for Arthur that prevails. In fact Gwenivere is the push Arthur needs to fulfill his destiny. For as we do know behind every great man there is a greater woman. Hans Zimmers music is hauntingly beautiful as per usual and simply ads depth to scenes that initially seemed dark but push the story at an exciting pace. I particulary liked the fact that when mounted on horseback all characters seemed comfortable and added a greater sense of wholeness to their roles-they became knights. There is nothing worse than seeing a hero go to dash off on his faithful steed and then be flopping around like some amatuer making it totally unbelievable-its all about the details. I also liked the fact that Antoine Fuqua and guru producer extrodinare Jerry Bruckheimer made sure that setting and costuming were just as important as casting-it was a pleasure to watch. On a side note Keira Knightly whos part was relatively small in this picture was a good fit for this character-she is a tangible beauty. Bow weilding and mudd encrusted you believe in her. This movie brought to me a sense of hope that good really does exist or did once- there is right and wrong and in the not so distant past someone sacrificed everything for the greater good and for that will be remebered for all time. I recommend this film for those who believe that actions speak louder than words.
NOTE: People it's a movie-one that will take you away on an adventure-when you disect any movie ie. historical blunders you take away from the magic. Movies are interpretations-that are amazing in themselves-it may not be how you would view it but is it not wonderful to see how someone else did. Movies are like advice not all are good but some bits and peices that you take away are surely worth the ride.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Clive Owen
Keira Knightley
Stephen Dillane

DVD title: Victor/Victoria
Productgroup: DVD
Victor/Victoria - movie DVD cover picture
Viva Victor/Victoria

VICTOR/VICTORIA is an interesting mix: a big movie musical with a cozy feel, broad slapstick with a message, a sexual farce so widely palatable and unobjectionable that it borders on family entertainment. And it works on every level. The script is funny and smart, the music memorable, the cinematography lush and warm, the physical comedy perfectly choreographed. There are no standout performances here: everyone from Julie Andrews to the bit players are uniformly superb.
The commentary by Ms. Andrews and Blake Edwards is largely self-congratulatory, and there are frequent long lapses where they seem to forget what they're supposed to be doing and merely sit silently watching the movie. It all seems too off-the-cuff. They might have previewed the film and given a little thought to what they were going to say before the recorder was turned on. But this is quibbling. There are plenty of DVD packages out there with more and better bells and whistles than VICTOR/VICTORIA, but when it comes right down to it the movie's the thing, and there are few that are finer.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Blake Edwards
Julie Andrews
James Garner

DVD title: Robotech - Transformation (Vol. 2)
Productgroup: DVD
Robotech - Transformation (Vol. 2) - movie DVD cover picture
More characters, more depth, more of everything!

Now the story really gets good. In the first epsiode "Bye Bye Mars", we look at the past of Lisa Hayes' lost love for her dead finace Carl Riber. We are also introduced to a new Zentradi, Kyron. Kyron, or Backstabber, never follows the rules, but on this mission he does. He plans to ambush the SDF-1 on Mars, but to no prevail thanks to Lisa detonating a Mars base. In "Sweet Sixteen", it's Minmei's 16th birthday and we are introduced to Rick's new pilots, Max Sterling and Ben Dixon. In "Miss Macross", Minmei wins the Miss Macross contest while Rick takes on a Zentradi spy ship by himself. In "Blind Game", the SDF-1 is hit hard and has no radar forcing Lisa Hayes along with Rick, Max and Ben. In the next episode, Ben, Rick and Lisa are captured and brough to the entire Zentradi fleet and interogated by chief commander Dolza. They ask a bunch of question involving "Protoculture". This is resulted by kissing in which Dolza orders Lisa and Rick to kiss. When they do, Dolza is stricken and orders them to be confined. In the last episode on the disc, Max comes to the rescue in his Veritech. They escape on the new fleet headed for the SDF-1 commanded by Azonia and Millia. Their mission: For Millia to send the three Zentradi spys (shrunk to human size) into the SDF-1 to spy on them. THis is a very important disc as it triggers the love between Lisa and Rick and also introduces a lot of new characters. Ya gotta love old school anime like this. It doesn't get any better than this. Except maybe AnimEigo's version, but you won't find that for awile and if you do, it will be expensive. And you have to love the opening which combines all the Robotech saga backed up by old style military music that ya gotta love. It's just too good! Buy it now! You wont regret it.

Studio: A.D. Vision
Director: Noboru Ishiguro

DVD title: Orange County
Productgroup: DVD
Orange County - movie DVD cover picture
There's no "ecscaping" Orange County

I have to admit that I didn't really expect much from "Orange County", but having now watched it several times I can happily say that my expectations were entirely wrong. Not only is "Orange County" a very funny movie, but it is also a biting satire and a touching look at family, albeit through absurdist lenses. Moreover, the DVD is a great value featuring quite a few extras and well laid out, appealing menus.
"Orange County" presents the tale of Shaun Brumder (Colin Hanks), and his relentless quest for a spot at Stanford, which he views as the key stepping stone in his burgeoning career as a writer. Helping (or at least attempting to while frequently hindering) him are a superb ensemble cast that includes another newcomer, Schuyler Fisk, as Shaun's girlfriend, Catherine O'Hara and John Lithgow as his parents and Jack Black who brilliantly plays his drug addled, lunatic brother. When you combine them with cameos from Harold Ramis (the dean of admissions), Chevy Chase (Shaun's principal), Ben Stiller (a fireman) and Kevin Kline (the author/professor whose work inspired Shaun) you have the makings of a great movie.
The cast doesn't disappoint, but it is the younger actors who really make the movie. Hanks shows all of comic timing and sensibility his father displayed in his early years as a comedic actor and Fisk shows a down-to-earth sensibility and honesty that could have easily been treacly but comes across as sincere. Black, however, steals the show; the stoner role has been done to death, but somehow he manages to inject a manic edge to it that makes it fresh. A perfect example is when Black, wearing nothing but underwear and socks, stops to take off said socks before jumping into a pool to save his brother from drowning.
What elevates "Orange County" above any other teen movie, however, is the biting satire that fills every scene. By setting the movie in Orange County, and then populating it with clich?s, the directors have created a film that takes a swipe at the very culture that spawned it. Moreover, it is no coincidence that Shaun ultimately finds himself through his flawed, but devoted, friends and family. While they may be caricatures, they are still the only people whose emotions are honest; and what is more important to a writer than emotion?
My only complaint about this film is that Chase and Stiller are rather underutilized. Chase in particular is perfectly positioned to take a larger role in the film, but is rather jarringly ignored after one brief, but classic scene. Likewise, Stiller, who is one of the few actors who can match Black's mania, is oddly subdued in his appearance.
However, these are minor complaints about an otherwise superb film. "Orange County" manages to be both funny and heartfelt at the same time, as it deftly blends an engaging story with excellent performances from as strong a cast as one is likely to find. There are a lot of movies with funny jokes that get watched once and then tossed aside, and that's because all they are is a string of jokes with no plot holding things together. Thankfully, "Orange County" is a movie you'll watch repeatedly (I know I have) as the story will draw you in even as the jokes make you laugh.
Jake Mohlman

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Jake Kasdan
Colin Hanks
Jack Black

DVD title: Island of Greed
Productgroup: DVD
Island of Greed - movie DVD cover picture
Intensity and politics

Michael Mak makes very intense movies. He also incorporates a lot of human internal struggles, although not so much in this one.
Island Of Greed is about Taiwan's very tainted politics. In interviews Mak is very assured of the realism. It shows through the story, as some events are really familiar. But it's the movie-making, the story-telling, the actions that make this unforgetable. Incidentally, the current mayor of Taipei Ma Ying-Jiu is known to have done something like this.
Lau has certainly delivered the honest cop, but the best actings are from Tony Leung and Annie Wu. Quite phenomenal.

Studio: Tai Seng Video
Director: Michael Mak

DVD title: The Wild Bunch - The Original Director's Cut
Productgroup: DVD
The Wild Bunch - The Original Director's Cut - movie DVD cover picture
A great film

Sometimes imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery. Such is the case with Sam Peckinpah's brilliant classic "The Wild Bunch". Lesser directors like Fincher, Stone and the late Peckinpah himself (along with countless other hacks) have failed to successfully match the Wild Bunch's unique ability to combine introspection and tender quiet poetry with stylistic action. This says nothing of the fact that slow motion death sequences have long since become tiresome.
I find it most surprising, considering the admittedly high amount of violence this film does indeed contain, how softly quiet and pensive the film really is. What lesser directors and many viewers often forget, is that Peckinpah builds under his bloody ballets a strong foundation of character, wistfulness, and longing thereby transforming a violent film into an essay not about violence, but rather instead the full gray range of human experience. Countless contemporary attempts to ape this film have missed this key component and built a house of bloody cards that topples easily under the winds of scrutiny. "The Wild Bunch" is a quiet meditation of the nature of man and his frequently foolish attempt to relive the past.
As an aged Mexican sage observes to William Holden's weary protagonist in one of the film's many bucolic moments, "We all desire to be a child again. Even the worst of us. Perhaps the worst most of all."
"The Wild Bunch" ultimately and solidly depicts the precious search for redemption and the futile efforts to reclaim lost innocence (that maybe, perhaps wasn't all that innocent to begin with). I've always held the conviction that the phrase "The good old days" is nothing more than a sadly shallow marketing tool and this American classic does much to support that idea. In the Bunch's case, they tragically yet logically discover that the good old days weren't all that good to begin with and now the time has come to pay for all their sins. They realize they have continually sold their souls to one Satan after another and now they have ran out of "any soul to sell" (to quote Trent Reznor). However, they do buy back their souls in a savage and bloody moment of reckoning during the famous "Battle of Bloody Porch" sequence.
Surprisingly "The Wild Bunch" is not a pessimistic view of the world. The ending allows two aged characters some hope as they head into the mountains to fight the corrupt government soldiers, their freedom bought and paid for by a blood sacrifice.
During the course of the film, the main characters desperately struggle to find something to hang on to. They find it in the notion of verbal contracts and codes of ethics, no matter how layered and shifty. They save their very souls by sticking to that code and fulfilling the contract to the end.
The film lives like a mad amalgam of styles and artists. In creating this unique film, It is as if Sam Peckinpah hired Tennessee Williams and Ernest Hemingway to collaborated on a screenplay while channeling John Ford and John Huston in his direction and employing Rivera and Orozco as painter/ photographers to this great object.. Peckinpah manages to paint this massive portrait in broad vibrant strokes befitting a Wagnerian opera while capturing the subtle details like a Chopin Nocturne- a proud feat aided in no small part by Jerry Fielding's classic and superb musical score.
I cannot say enough about the brilliant ensemble acting in this film. Besides the equally brilliant television mini series "Lonesome Dove", "The Wild Bunch" may contain the finest acting ever seen in a western film. The performances of William Holden and Robert Ryan are simply amazing. They were never better than the weary battle scarred warriors than they are here. Peckinpah supports them with a brazen yet uncannily solid supporting cast featuring superb work by Edmund O'Brien, Strother Martin, Ben Johnson, Ernest Borgnine and Warren Oates. Each man arguably delivers his finest and most layered work. Emilio Fernandez creates a vicious evil as the Devil General Mapache.
With this film, Sam Peckinpah showed himself to be many things as an artist: sentimental and tender, bloody and maudlin, evocative and provocative , poetic and profane, regal and common, temporal and eternal, ephemeral and permanent. With the Wild Bunch, he created is one true work of film art (with his earlier "Ride The High Country" riding neck and neck). This glorious DVD reproduces his vision in eye wateringly beautiful color and detail as well as possessing Paul Seydor's illuminating behind the scenes documentary. For its most affordable price, "The Wild Bunch" belongs in any serious film buff's library.
No, it's not for the weak of heart. Yes the film is filled with much macho posturing that will turn many viewers off. But for those folks willing to carry this film's heavy load, many rich treasures await in discovering (or rediscovering) this gem.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Sam Peckinpah
William Holden
Ernest Borgnine
Robert Ryan

DVD title: Trigun Vol. 1 - The 60 Billion Dollar Man
Productgroup: DVD
Trigun Vol. 1 - The 60 Billion Dollar Man - movie DVD cover picture

This was an excellent buy!! I don't think i have laughed so hard in a long time. This is a great show that blends action with humor very nicely. In later episodes the plot turns a little more serious but this is a great beginning. I would reccomend this to anyone and i mean anyone.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Satoshi Nishimura

DVD title: Doggie Cuts
Productgroup: DVD
Doggie Cuts - movie DVD cover picture
This is the video that I SHOULD have bought first!

This is an excellent, well-presented, modern dog grooming video! Extensive clipping and trimming is demonstrated, as well as many other grooming procedures that I have seen routinely performed by "professional" groomers. This video truly instructs and teaches ALL BASIC CUTS required to cut the hair on ANY BREED of dog. It was amazing in that it taught me how to trim the hair on my shih tzu and my poodle and my daughter's yorkie and pomeranian too. I felt right at home as the experienced master dog groomer in the video calmly presented his grooming techniques, and thankfully, he repeated his cutting methods more than once, as any great teacher would. The groomer was efficient, pleasant to listen to, and he gave detailed instruction on everything he did, as the cameras caught every detail for me to see. Fortunately, the groomer did not instruct as if he were teaching a class full of experienced groomers--his friendly method was simple and informative and thoughtful to both the viewer and the animals he was grooming--perfect for any novice like me! Before I purchased this video I felt ambivalent about the extensive assortment of complicated and scary-looking clippers that I had seen the groomers use before. I knew they had to be expensive, and I was trying to save money by doing the grooming myself, so I didn't want to purchase all of that equipment. But, I was soon relieved to find out from Doggie Cuts that there are clipper sets on the market that have adjustable blades (as described and demonstrated in the video) that one can use all by themselves instead of buying those expensive clipper sets with all of their various sharp blades and attachments. Unfortunately, I have never seen another grooming video other than Doggie Cuts that demonstrates this kind of affordable, adjustable clipper. This video demonstrated everything that I could have expected and more, and it left me without any questions. It even demonstrated nail clipping, tooth brushing, dog bathing, hair drying, and alot more including helpful veterinary advice that NONE of the other videos that I have purchased in the past offered. As the video host, Dick Van Patten said, it truly is the only dog grooming video that I, or you, will ever need!

Director: Kevin M. DuVall

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