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DVD title: Inu-Yasha - The Heart of the Beast (Vol. 16)
Productgroup: DVD
Inu-Yasha - The Heart of the Beast (Vol. 16) - movie DVD cover picture
3 great episodes.

So Kagome finally realizes she is in love with Inuyasha in this volume in the series. But he still loves Kikyo, who's like a zombie and should be dead. What a fool! On an unrelated note, Miroku rules!


DVD title: The Changeling
Productgroup: DVD
The Changeling - movie DVD cover picture
Best scary movie

I can't say enough about the quiet brilliance of this film! There is no other ghost stoy to compare!!!Don;t expect gore but if you want your blood to slowy run cold
see this movie!!

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: Peter Medak
George C. Scott
Trish Van Devere

DVD title: Lupin the 3rd - Dragon of Doom
Productgroup: DVD
Lupin the 3rd - Dragon of Doom - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best Lupin III TV Movies

I've been a Lupin III fan since the Cliff Hanger laser disc arcade game back in the 1980s. I started with Castle of Cagliostro, which is excellent, but a little laid back compared with the rest of the material. CoC is the benchmark, though, for all Lupin stuff. Dragon of Doom is very fast-paced and zany, and compares favorably with the Pioneer Lupin III seasonII releases (I have most of those). It's much better than Mystery of Mamo, which sucks, and somewhat better than Fuma
Conspiracy, which is good, but a little slow.
The only thing that doesn't jive here is that Goemon ends up at odds with the gang--it does happen in the series, but it'staken much more seriously here. Fujiko looks different, kindaflat even, but Zenigata is right on. One weird thing about thestyle here is that Lupin always has a smirk on his face, whichyou get used to, but it's really obvious. A few laugh-out-loud moments. In short, if you like the Pioneer Lupin III, this is the same animal. If you've only seen Castle of Cagliostro, be warned that the "real" Lupin is more zany than Myazaki's version. Oh, yeah, and there are some stylistic takes on the Yamato series buried in this one...check out the submarine design.

Studio: Funimation Productio

DVD title: Young Frankenstein (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Young Frankenstein (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
It's Igor sir.

Young Frankenstein is easily one of the funniest films ever made. Not one joke has lost its payoff, and none of the countless gags have lost their zany appeal. From a career that includes some of the best comedies ever made, this is the film for which Mel Brooks will be most fondly remembered. It spoofs Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein perfectly. It is so funny that I garantee you'll wet your pants. The only reason not to like this is if you consider yourself to good for the low-budget slapstick movies, or if you have no sense of humor at all, because each of the jokes are perfectly delivered. You must see this ... Any rating below 5 stars should be considered blasphemy! Buy it imediately!!!!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Mel Brooks
Gene Wilder
Marty Feldman
Madeline Kahn

DVD title: Jeremiah Johnson
Productgroup: DVD
Jeremiah Johnson - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely Unforgettable Masterpiece From Sydney Pollack!

Robert Redford and Sydney Pollack, the Academy Award-winning director of Out of Africa team up (the 2nd of their 6 films together) for this powerful saga of a man whose determined search for contentment leads to back-breaking, even mind-breaking hardship, and to constant battle with hostile native Americans. This absolutely unforgettable and spectacularly beautiful, yet haunting adventure film captures both the epic scale of an unconquered Nature and the small, frustrating, hard scrabbling struggles of a lone man desperately trying to start a fire during a gale-force blizzard, cross a meadow knee-deep in snow or catch something, anything, to eat.
Filmed entirely on location in winter-time Utah, this movie captures on film Jeremiah Johnson's (Robert Redford) attempt in the mid 1800s to become a mountain man, seeking solitude in a wilderness whose purity he never questioned. This film is sure to find its way into the private library of every connoisseur of superb movie making, and is one of those very rare films you can enjoy again and again! Masterpiece!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Sydney Pollack
Robert Redford
Will Geer

DVD title: Unlocking The Mystery Of Life
Productgroup: DVD
Unlocking The Mystery Of Life - movie DVD cover picture
Follow the evidence...

This is outstanding production that allows people who are not biological specialists to understand the technical arguments of intelligent design that are usually beyond the grasp of the laity.
It features beautiful computer animations of cellular mechanics, outstanding discussions by leading scientists of the complexity of life and the problems with Darwin's theory.
It does an admirable job of keeping the dialogue scientific, there is nothing religious in nature in the presentation and it is equally suitable for showing in both the Church and the public school system.
The DVD offers some good bonus footage of scientists answering various questions about evolution and I.D., footage of the galapogas wildlife that Darwin encountered and list of web and book references to go to for deeper study.
All in all a great video to use to make people think a second time about evolutionary theory and the argument for God by design.

Studio: Randolph Productions
Lad Allen

DVD title: Swann in Love
Productgroup: DVD
Swann in Love - movie DVD cover picture
an erotic sensual classic

This is one of my favorite films. I prefer period films in a beautiful setting, with a sophisticated sexuality & sensuality dripping in every scene! It is full of erotic beautiful scenes which are unforgettable. Jeremy Irons, who seems to always play this type of character (I don't want to give any of the plot away) does an awesome job & Ornella Muti is perfect as his gorgeous temptress, one of the most beautiful women ever filmed!

Studio: Home Vision Entertainment
Director: Volker Schlöndorff
Jeremy Irons
Ornella Muti
Alain Delon

DVD title: Last Time I Committed Suicide
Productgroup: DVD
Last Time I Committed Suicide - movie DVD cover picture
I LOVE this movie!!

I have always been a big fan of the beat generation, pretty much ever since I could read. Unfortunately, Neal Cassady never got to publish a novel. But he is famous for his long letters to Jack Kerouac. This film is based on a 30-something page letter to Jack from Neal. (A copy of the letter can be found in the "Beat Reader" edited by Ann Charters). Thomas Jane does an excellent job capturing the essence of Cassady. I consider him one of the greatest overlooked actors today. (See him also as Mickey Mantle in "61*") Claire Forlani is also excellent, also overlooked. Keanu Reeves also does well, in his post-Bill-and-Ted, pre-Matrix days. See this movie, because in the immortal words of Neal himself, "Time is now and now is all we have!"

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Stephen T. Kay
Thomas Jane
Keanu Reeves

DVD title: Sting - All This Time
Productgroup: DVD
Sting - All This Time - movie DVD cover picture

WOW...what a great show. Can you say "reference quality". The audio is spectacular. The musicianship superb. Every nuance of the concert comes through. I have quite a few music DVD's (~90% of my collection) and this one has become an INSTANT FAVORITE.
Sting and the band do a great job taking this mostly familiar material and presenting it in first-rate fresh arrangements.
Those seeking quality in audio/video and those seeking to enjoy quality musicians...look no further.

Studio: Uni/A&M
Director: Jim Gable

DVD title: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Dimension Collector's Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Dimension Collector's Series) - movie DVD cover picture
that's punk rock

I love every thing about Kevin Smith's movies. I also love Jason Mewes. He is very funny and sexy. I really hope to see more of Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes in the theaters. You two have always cracked me up. Now THAT'S PUNK ROCK!

Studio: Dimension Home Video
Director: Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
Jason Mewes

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