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DVD title: Touch of Evil (Restored to Orson Welles' Vision)
Productgroup: DVD
Touch of Evil (Restored to Orson Welles' Vision) - movie DVD cover picture
100-Proof Noir

Seedy border town is the setting for this noir classic--justifiably called by a New York Post film critic "The Baroque Cathedral of Film Noir." Orson Welles' entrance as the crass, venal Capt. Quinlan is just one example why this film is a must-see on the big screen--not that this DVD widescreen version is so bad (it's a gem). Quinlan's massive, bloated bulk fills the screen as he climbs out of his car to begin the murder investigation that will soon envelop and taint the film's principal characters--immediately establishing Quinlan as the embodiment of corruption. The breathtaking opening sequence (shot in one take) incorporating the ambient music and sounds of the town's lurid nightlife is a key part of this reedit DVD version, setting right the studio-maimed opening of the original release, which ran opening credits and Henry Mancini's score over this sequence to Welles' fruitless objections, diluting its effectiveness. Respected Mexican police official Miguel "Mike" Vargas (Heston) and his American bride Susan's (Janet Leigh) ("She doesn't look Mexican either," Quinlan sneers) honeymoon is derailed when they become targets first of local crime family boss "Uncle Joe" Grandi (Akim Tamiroff), whose brother is about to be sent to prison because of Vargas, and Grandi's impulsive nephews, and then Quinlan, when Vargas accidentally uncovers the latter's penchant for tampering with crime scenes to ensure a death sentence for the accused--whether guilty or actually innocent. Leigh drips sex and is the perfect pawn for those scheming to wreck her husband's career and their marriage. Joseph Calleia stands out as Pete Menzies, who idolizes Quinlan and painfully must come to terms with his betrayal. Dietricht is enigmatic gypsy Tana (memorable line as she looks over the considerably changed Quinlan and bluntly says: "You're a mess honey.") Mancini score, especially "Tana's Theme" ("Pianola"), is exceptional. One valid complaint about this otherwise beautiful DVD is that the standard version should have been included in addition to the widescreen version for those who have not yet overcome the perception problem of "those black bars." Now for me, widescreen is the best. It is how we see the movie on the big screen. This is how the film was shot, and we see camera angles that are lost when the film has been "reformatted to fit your television screen." Those who put together this DVD should have known better and provided BOTH options--usually standard practice with many DVDs.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Orson Welles
Orson Welles
Charlton Heston
Janet Leigh

DVD title: Pitch Black (Rated Version)
Productgroup: DVD
Pitch Black (Rated Version) - movie DVD cover picture
Fantastic Film

Ok, I know I'm supposed to specifically talk about the DVD, but I saw this movie in the theater and I loved it. The special effects were so artfully done, they cast the perfect mood for the film. The feeling of dread and suspense hardly ever leave you throughout the movie. The scripting and fine cast coupled with the special effects really worked well for me. So many Sci-Fi movies suffer from painfully cheesy and cliche'd dialogue and "Pitch Black" says only what it has to. Great Film!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: David Twohy
Vin Diesel
Radha Mitchell
Cole Hauser

DVD title: A Little Romance
Productgroup: DVD
A Little Romance - movie DVD cover picture

This film is one of my all-time favorites! I first saw it when I was 13 years old, and I had the biggest crush on Diane Lane afterward. Years later when I visited Europe for the first time, I kept remembering the scenes in Paris and Venice. The story is so sweet, innocent, and romantic. I've seen it dozens of times and still appreciate it. All the acting is wonderful. I wish someone would make a sequel about whatever happened to Lauren and Daniel 20 years later...

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: George Roy Hill
Laurence Olivier
Diane Lane

DVD title: The Cure
Productgroup: DVD
The Cure - movie DVD cover picture
Touching and thought provoking

Renfro plays a bullied boy with a big heart, and Mazzalo shines as a brave, intelligent boy stricken with aids. This heart-felt drama about two young boy's friendship is sure to make you cry and question where you own prejudices lie.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Peter Horton
Brad Renfro
Joseph Mazzello

DVD title: The Beatles Anthology
Productgroup: DVD
The Beatles Anthology - movie DVD cover picture
Well done and quality stuff!

Hmm, I love anything on the 'boys', (except that cheesy garbage that gets put out as 'clips'). I bought it because stuff like this never lasts in the stores, and I have watched it about 5 times. I do recall almost nothing about Stu Sutcliffe, but I get the impression that whomever produced these videos assumed that those watching would know the basics anyway. Cool videos even I have never seen before, and what of Paul's chipped front tooth in the 'rain' video? anyone notice? I used to hang with many Beatle tribute bands, (good, bad and best) and I must say, this video collection made me feel welcome, instead of feeling 'priveleged' to hear an interview from George, etc. I felt it could finally be out in the open. Worth the price...bring it back so all Beatle fans can buy it! watch the whole thing in one sitting-it's long, but great!

Studio: EMI Music Distribution (Pre-Release)
John Lennon

DVD title: Meet the Feebles
Productgroup: DVD
Meet the Feebles - movie DVD cover picture
My favorite movie ever

Meet the feebles is my favorite movie. Peter Jackson (The Frightners, Lord Of The Rings)has once again made a tremondesly funny film. I ecspecially like the charcters and how well they do the puppetry, ecspecialy the flashback vietnam scene.
Sincerly Big Hemia

Studio: Spectrum Ent Product
Director: Peter Jackson

DVD title: Keith Urban - Video Hits
Productgroup: DVD
Keith Urban - Video Hits - movie DVD cover picture
You can't go wrong with Keith Urban!

For excellent music, high energy, and terrific "eye candy", you can't go wrong with this DVD! Keith is a fantastic performer, and his talent -- both vocally and artistically -- shines through in all his videos!
You won't want to miss your opportunity to OWN and watch his videos ANYTIME!!!

Studio: Emi Distribution
Keith Urban

DVD title: Angels With Dirty Faces
Productgroup: DVD
Angels With Dirty Faces - movie DVD cover picture

James Cagney shines as gangster Rocky Sullivan in his greatest performance. Great supporting cast includes Pat O'brien and Humphrey Bogart. This is a must for any gangster movie fan. As a matter of fact this is a great movie for everybody.

Director: Michael Curtiz
James Cagney
Pat O'Brien
Humphrey Bogart
Ann Sheridan

DVD title: Impromptu
Productgroup: DVD
Impromptu - movie DVD cover picture
An unusual and historical love affair!

George Sand was the real pioneer of the feminism . Her anti- establishment attitudes and pattern behavior arose admiration and hate but never indifference .
The film turns around the crucial period in which Chopin is in Paris with his fellow friends : Franz Liszt and Marie D?goult , Eugene Delacroix , and Alfred de Musset the ex fianc?e of George Sand .
The camera is a real peeping Tom which allows the viewer to know the most intimate details in the social life ; the french aristocracy and their manners . Some reflections around the art and the process composing of Chopin . George Sand literally made the male role of Chopin seduction following the indications of Marie .
The double moral ; the little scandals , the sudden affairs , the charm and the exquisite vignettes make of this film a must for you to watch and preserve .
Jules Davis made an incredible performance as George Sand and Hugh Grant made a Chopin with certain peaks and lows . Grant seems extremely healthy to represent Chopin . Tim Roth, Daniel Auteil or Bruno Ganz were three better options in 1990 for that fundamental role .
Emma Thomsom gave to me her most powerful performance of her career and Bernardette Peters seems extremely cold in her role . I would rather Helena Bohnam Carter, for instance . Julian Sand is splendid as the handsome and outrageous hungarian musician.
Wonderful locations in France and excellent artistic direction.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: James Lapine
Judy Davis
Hugh Grant

DVD title: Pygmalion - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Pygmalion - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Pygmalion - the original "My Fair lady"

Unlike its later (almost talking word-for-word) remake "My Fair Lady", Pygmalion is NOT a musical, and it is not in color. That said, everything about it is wonderful, and it is just as enjoyable as the remake. Leslie Howard is totally believable as the self-centered (and yet likeable) Higgins, and Wendy Hiller is the best Eliza of all. She brings an unsurpassed focus and comic intensity to the role - you can see the intelligence in her eyes. The DVD format does justice to the good picture quality.

Studio: Criterion Collection
Leslie Howard
Wendy Hiller

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